Instagram photo ideas

20+ Creative Photo Ideas for Instagram

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing app today. When it was launched, nobody knew how powerful it would become in the following years. It was originally meant for personal use, just to share precious moments with your friends and family. But soon it became a powerful tool for marketing. Any brand or personality looking for a powerful online presence has to be present on Instagram. 

So, are you looking to make your presence felt to your followers? Are you running out of ideas about what to post? If you are in a creative rut, we are here to help you with some awesome and powerful creative ideas that you can use to upload your next Instagram post. Just pick one of the creative post ideas from the list and voila! You have your next awesome upload. Add your personal touch to the post to make it more awesome.

Pose with a book you are reading or a book that you’ve just finished

Instagram photo ideas

Have you been reading or finished an interesting book in the past few days which blew your mind away? Why not share it with your followers? Sharing something about a positive thing is always a very good gesture. Alternatively, you can also share a book that you absolutely hated! 

Sharing the most beautiful view

Are you enjoying your breakfast or your coffee while viewing the most beautiful scene visible from your window, rooftop, or balcony? We all love that right? So there you go! An effortless picture could be up on your feed just a few minutes later. But of course, finish your breakfast first 😉

About an uncommon place you went

Every town or city has a slightly uncommon place, which is like a gem. It is waiting to be discovered. Did you recently go to such a place and really enjoyed it? Come on, let everyone know about it! 

A useful tip 

Everyone knows something which a lot of others may not know. It could be as simple as how to cook your cupcake in a teacup in 10 minutes! Or as random as an interesting website you just visited. You can surely put that up in stories! 

A new skill you learned recently

Creative Instagram photo ideas

You must definitely flaunt good things that could inspire someone. People waste so much time online. If you can instill a good idea for a random Insta feed scroller, why not just do it? 

An uncommon movie or documentary you watched and loved

Did you discover a gem of a cinema which was probably in another language? Also, there are documentaries that are waiting to even get noticed. Chances are there that you might find one such undiscovered or less popular stuff on a streaming platform such as Netflix or Prime. Share it with your followers! 

A new series you watched

You can share your thoughts about a recent hit series too. It is not necessary to put up a review of course! Just click yourself chilling while watching it. 

An early morning view

There are quite a less number of people who start their day early morning. If you are one of them, consider yourself lucky. The grind of the modern-day hardly allows people to follow a healthy routine. So, you can post an early morning selfie or an early morning view with your followers to show how beautiful and peaceful it is in the morning. 

Your work-from-home setup

Ever since COVID has come, a lot of you folks have started working from home. So, why not share a photo of yourself in your workstation? It looks very good on your Instagram feed. Or, if you are into shooting videos, show your setup too. It is always cool to watch the behind-the-scenes kinda pictures.  

A new recipe you tried

There’s no doubt that once in a while we crave food which we don’t eat very often. Or you might want to taste something unavailable in your country. What do you do? You cook of course! So, if you have tried something recently, don’t forget to share. If it tuned out to be good, that’s awesome. It doesn’t matter if it failed as well. It is interesting and fun to see such posts. 

Something that you thought you’d dislike but liked

Did you hated or disliked something so much that you never gave it a try? It often happens that we don’t like ascertain celebrity until we saw an interview. Or a place that everyone reviewed badly. It happens that certain things leaves you surprised. And honestly, that makes a good post. You can post a reel, photo, or anything you are comfortable with. 

Something you are grateful towards

Posting something that you are grateful about is one of the most wholesome options for your Instagram. It is positive and refreshing.We keep asking for more and more and just foregt to appreciate or be thankful for what we have. 

A new hairstyle you tried

Once in a while, you might have tried changing your hairstyle. If it turned out well, don’t forget to flaunt it proudly. Afterall, it is so satisfying to watch someone look great in a new look. 

A photo using funny filter

Instagram filters are super hilarious and awesome. If you are in a quirky mood, definitely try this. 

A walk with your pet

photo ideas for Instagram

Are you lucky enough to have the company of a furry friend? You could click so many pictures with them. From sitting leisurely to playing with them, you can just click any picture you want with the guarantee that it will always turn out to be cute. 

Funny throwback pictures

Throwback pictures are great to break the monotony in your Insatgram feed and stories. Don’t forget to share moments of fun and enjoyment with your fiends. 

Instacam picture

Instacam pictures are really wholesome to look at. Ever since cameras have evolved, we have lost touch with physical photos which once used to be preserved in albums. They provide a very happy vibe to the feed. If you get to use one such camera, don’t forget to click a picture in it. 

Photo with your grandparents

Grandparents are one of the most wisest people young people can talk to . So, if you share a loving bond with them, make sure to click a picture with them as well. 

A makeup minute 

1 minute makeup videos are awesome. You don’t have to be na influencer to shoot such a video. Simply record yourself putting your look together and upload the video by turning it into a time-lapse video. If you usually don’t upload videos, this will be a fresh new addition. 

Clothes laid flat on your bed

Have you brought a dress that you are really excited to wear? A creative way to display that aesthetically would be to lay them flat on your bed and clicking the ensemble from a nice angle. 

Share a story behind something

Photos capture moments and memories. Sometimes when we look at a certain picture, it reminds us of something that evokes very strong emotions in us. This itself must have prompted some ideas in your head! So, go ahead and share an intriguing picture with your followers. 

Favorite holiday image

Do you feel nostalgic about something that you experienced in the past? Especially if that nostalgia is reminding you of your favorite vacation, you should definitely post an awesome picture in your Instagram. There must have been something that you really want to see again or experience again. If you have a picture of it, express it all through the post! 

Hopefully, you got some ideas to restart posting on Instagram again. Creativity is recycled all the time. So, don’t feel guilty to copy a few ideas from our post. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.