13 Most Instagrammable Places in Dallas

Dallas is home to some of America’s largest centers for arts and culture. It has historical significance as it is the place where John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Besides that, it is famous for hosting a large number of cultural shows such as ballet, opera, orchestras, and many more. 

The usual notion about Dallas is that it is a pretty boring city with very less Instagrammable places as such. But if you find yourself around Dallas or plan a trip to Dallas, make sure to visit the following places and click pictures near them. You’d be surprised how false these notions are. Enjoy reading our list of Instagrammable places in Dallas and prove wrong all the claims that state otherwise.  

1. White Rock Lake Docks

Instagrammable places in Dallas

Your Dallas experience would be incomplete without visiting the White Rock lake Docks. You can get pretty Instagrammable pictures on the docks as it has several nice spots for taking a photo. At present, you cannot get inside the waters as it is considered illegal. But it is definitely worth visiting because it is one of the most significant places in Dallas. It preserves the history of the place and is a must-see location.

2. Cedar Ridge Preserve

Cedar Ridge Preserve - Instagrammable places in Dallas

Cedar Rich Preserve is a natural habitat spanning over 600 acres and situated at an elevation of 755 feet. If you love outdoor locations, you should definitely consider going there and having some pictures amidst natural surroundings. It would provide an earthy vibe to your Instagram feed and also provide you with a much-needed break from the usual concrete structures. The greenery is soothing and the ambiance is relaxing. 

3. Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park - Instagrammable places in Dallas

The Lakeside Park in Dallas is spread across 14 acres of land. The highlight of the park is the teddy bear statues, sights of the Turtle Creek Dam, and the Read Memorial. You can get clicked in a variety of seated positions as there are plenty of benches and paths connecting one area of the park with another. Traveling from one corner to another is easy and it is almost guaranteed that you will be enjoying your time there for sure. Also, it is one of the most Instagrammable spots in town. 

4. The Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum - Instagrammable places in Dallas

The Dallas Arboretum is spread across 66 acres of land and has 11 enormous display gardens. The Dallas Arboretum overlooks the White Rock lake and a visitor can enjoy everything at its best, throughout the year. We are sure that it has excited your curiosity and struck your imagination instantly. We promise you that it is more beautiful in real. So, make sure to visit this awesome place and see it all for yourself. The best thing about the Dallas Arboretum is that you will get a different feel each season. 

5. Flippen Park 

Flippen Park - Instagrammable places in Dallas

Flippen Park is probably the most beautiful park in Dallas. You will see stunning gazebos and a fully landscaped area inside its premises. The locals say that this is a popular dating place among couples. So don’t be surprised if you see people proposing to each other. It is essentially an adult park and not quite suited for taking your kids. It is also very usual to find photoshoots going on. So there is nothing to be conscious about or feel awkward while posing and clicking tons of pictures. 

6. Turtle Creek Parks

turtle creek park - Instagrammable places in Dallas

The Turtle Creek Park in Dallas is full of stone bridges, walkaways, sidewalks, and a great natural environment to explore. You will definitely enjoy the serenity and natural beauty of this place. Also, pictures clicked in beautiful outdoor locations are always a classic. Not just on Instagram, but everywhere. 

7. Trammell Crow Park

Trammell Crow Park - Instagrammable places in Dallas

Trammell Crow Park is a very large park that is great for outdoor activities such as paragliding, kite-flying, etc. For the locals, it is an awesome escape from the bustling life of the cities. You would feel genuinely happy to have some pictures of yourself in this location. You will be able to get a fantastic view of the Dallas skyline. 

8. Mockingbird Station Pedestrian Bridge

Mockingbird Station Pedestrian Bridge

The Mockingbird Station Pedestrian Bridge joins the White Rock and Katy trials. It is more of a modern architectural wonder in the middle of the city. It has recently made a name for itself as an Instagrammable spot and you can be one of the first people to have a great photograph of yourself in this location. 

9. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge - Instagrammable places in Dallas

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is a spectacular modern architectural creation that is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. The most striking feature of this bridge is the bunch of cables that spread from the center towards the edge of the 400 feet arch. It may sound impossible while reading it, but it looks absolutely stunning in reality. Make sure to keep this on your list while traveling to Dallas. 

10. The Adolphus Hotel

The Adolphus Hotel - Instagrammable places in Dallas

The Adolphus Hotel is a luxury hotel that has exquisite interiors and room decor to impress its visitors. It is one of the most significant places to check out in Dallas as it was built long ago. You must give it a try once you are in Dallas. 

11. Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park - Instagrammable places in Dallas

The Klyde Warren Park is a centrally located public park that provides the perfect place for the locals to escape the noise and rush of the bustling city life. It is beautiful and you can click great Instagram-worthy pictures here.  

12. Thanks-giving Square

Thanks-giving Square - Instagrammable places in Dallas

The Chapel of Thanksgiving has an installation of a spiral art structure known as the glory Window. These windows look like colorful pieces of mosaic design and would make an awesome colorful backdrop for your Instagram photos. 

13. Mustangs of Las Colinas

Mustangs of Las Colinas - Instagrammable places in Dallas

The Mustangs of Las Colinas are a group of nine realistic wild horse statues that appear to be galloping fiercely across a stream of water. They are absolutely gorgeous and made of bronze. 

We have reached the end of our list. Hopefully, you are now convinced that this city needs to be given a chance before drawing any conclusions about it. Just have a little patience and check out these places. Most importantly, bookmark our blog or note down all the places mentioned. We hope you have a great time on your trip to Dallas.