11 Most Instagrammable Places in Dubai – Aesthetic Photography Spots

Dubai is probably one of the most incredible places on earth. It’s a city that seems to have everything: beautiful beaches, great shopping, amazing weather, and — most importantly — a vibrant nightlife. 

And of course, it has a lot of monuments and buildings that are examples of marvelous architecture and impeccable artistry. Basically, Dubai is a place that many people wish to see at least once in a lifetime.

In recent years, Dubai has become one of the most tagged locations on Instagram. You cannot visit Dubai without literally flooding the Instagram feed and the stories of your followers.

So if you are planning to visit Dubai and see things for yourself, you can pick some of the places mentioned below. 

1. Burj Khalifa

This is the most popular location in Dubai and also one of the most common places to have on the wishlists of people. It is the majestic Burf Khalifa which consists of almost 160 stories. Visitors are given options to select from different levels. The higher you decide to go, the ticket prices go higher too.

People go there to see the view from the top and it is almost like a dreamland. You can see clouds passing near you. However, make sure that you don’t visit during a cloudy day because then you won’t be getting the best view. 

Best time to visit Burj Khalifa:

4 pm – 6 pm on a clear day is the best time. However, you can also choose to visit at 10 am if you want a lesser crowd. 

2. Dubai Souq

These are traditional markets that are spread across a very large area. You will love to wander around amidst colorful markets filled with souvenirs, handcrafted items, and goods reflecting the rich culture of Arab that had shone throughout years and centuries. They provide the perfect backdrop for Instagram portraits. 

Best time to visit Dubai Souq:

You can visit all around the year if you don’t mind the heat very much. The souq opens at 10:30 AM. Midday can be very hot, so it is best to go there after dusk or early in the morning. 

3. Museum of the Future

This is an extremely unique building that reimagines the future of the world. It is a museum that shows different things that could happen in the future. The shape of the building is very majestic and outlandish at the same time. You can have a really cool photo in front of the building.  

Best time to visit the Museum of the Future:

The museum is open between 10 am to 6 pm, all around the year

4. Wings of Mexico

This is one of the most iconic places to click a gorgeous photo of yourself. Most importantly, it is just near Burj Khalifa. This pair of majestic metal wings were created by a Mexican artist named Jorge Marin in 2010. Since then it has been one of the most famous places to click photos and tag on Instagram. 

Best time to visit Wings of Mexico:

The lighting is best after midday and in the evening. 

5. Imam Hussain Mosque

This is an Iranian mosque and is truly a work of art. This building is surrounded by labyrinthine designs and looks absolutely stunning in photos. It is an example of Persian architecture in its full glory and is filled with floral motifs. 

Best time to visit Imam Hussain Mosque:

4 pm – 6 pm 

6. Sky Views Observatory Deck

This is a comparatively new tourist attraction that has been making rounds on the internet for all the right reasons. Sky views observatory deck is majorly a glass building and it allows experiencing glass slides and skywalk. It is a large observatory and going there is an ethereal experience. Like the Burj Khalifa, this building offers an impressive view from its top.

Best time to visit Sky Views Observatory Deck:

Though there is no fixed time to enjoy those majestic views, you can be sure that the late mornings and late afternoons are the best time to click gorgeous pictures. 

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7. The Lagoons, Dubai Creek Harbor

A romantic Instagrammable location, this is the perfect place to take your partner. It is a waterfront that is situated about 10 minutes from Downtown Dubai. It is a neighborhood surrounded by green sceneries and you can take the most beautiful pictures while strolling around in the evening. The tranquility is further enhanced by the flamingoes which increase the beauty of the area by tenfold. 

Best time to visit The Lagoons, Dubai Creek harbor:

Evenings just before sunset is the best time to visit this beautiful area. 

8. Palm Tower or Palm Jumeirah

Known as “the spectacular palm tree of Dubai”, this skyscraper is a sight to behold. This flamboyant creation is at its full glory when experienced from the 52nd floor, where the observatory deck is located. That floor is called “the view at the palm” because you get the most spectacular view of Palm Jumeirah. This building also has a special attraction for swimmers. On the 50th floor, there is a 200-meter large pool that provides awe-striking views of Dubai. 

Best time to visit the Palm Tower:

There are no fixed times for visiting Palm Jumeirah but if you go there on a clear day, you will get the best view. 

9. The Hot Air Balloon Ride

You must have heard of the hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. How about experiencing that in Dubai? The hot air balloon ride is done at 4000 feet above the ground and you can get awesome views around Dubai across desert lands, camels, dunes, gazelles, etc. 

Best time to experience the hot air balloon ride:

Early mornings or sunset is the best time to catch the most iconic views. 

10. Ain Dubai

The world’s largest Ferris wheel is located in Dubai. It’s 210m high, and you can view the entire coastline and skyline of Dubai from the top. If you dare to get up there, you can spot Burj al-Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Islands, etc. If not, you can also use Ain Dubai as an incomparable and majestic backdrop for your rocking Instagram pictures.

Best time to visit Ain Dubai:

Sunset is undoubtedly the best time to capture gorgeous photos near or on the giant Ferris wheel. 

11. The Abra Ride

If you wish to cherish your Dubai trip most authentically, don’t forget to take a ride on Abra. It is traditionally half-boat, half-raft and is the oldest means of transport for going from one place to another. Therefore it is a symbol of Dubai’s heritage and history. It should therefore be on your itinerary for sure. 

Best time to take an Abra Ride:

While you can go there anytime, the mornings are best because there will be fewer crowds. 

Hopefully, this article was helpful and it has given you a good idea about where to start, on your Dubai trip. We hope you enjoy your vacation in one of the most extravagant places on earth. 

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