16 Most Instagrammable Places in Miami

Miami has a lot of happening places where you can get stunning pictures for your Instagram. If you love the idea of visiting a place with quite a variety of exotic sites and backdrops, better don’t skip the places mentioned on our list below.

Miami is an exciting city and a melange of beach-side hotels, exquisite bars, and other significant tourist spots. In short, you will find tons of Instagrammable locations in this city. 

Lifeguard Stands of Miami Beach and South Beach

Lifeguard Stands of Miami Beach and South Beach - Instagrammable Places in Miami

Are you a beach person? If yes, don’t forget to explore the beautiful beach in Miami. The lifeguard stands are colorful and add a vibrant character to the large stretch of the beach area. There are around 36 lifeguard stands in cute colors. Posing in beach wear alongside beach umbrellas is a great idea as it will totally transmit the beachy vibes to your Instagram audience.

Broken Shaker

Broken Shaker - Instagrammable Places in Miami
SOURCE: Freehand Hotel

Broken Shaker has won an award for the best American Hotel bar and it is a great place to chill. You can take snacks with beverages such as fresh cocktails and tasty bites. You will surely enjoy the vibe of the place with awesome food to accompany you, along with your friends. Also, you can capture extremely chic pictures of yourself inside the hotel bar. The interior of Broken shaker is gorgeous and truly Instagrammable. 

8th Magic Mountain

8th Magic Mountain - Instagrammable Places in Miami
SOURCE: Thrillophilia

Las Vegas might boast of having the seven Magic Mountains. But Miami hosts the 8th magic mountain! It stands in solitude in an open area as a stack of few colorful boulders, exactly like the seven magic mountains. It is simple, yet beautiful. Your pictures will look great with the eighth magic mountain in the background. They are effortlessly stunning and vibrant. 

Lincoln Theatre

Lincoln Theatre - Instagrammable Places in Miami

The Lincoln Theatre is a gigantic venue that was originally created as a movie palace in 1929. It is an important part of American and African jazz history. It hosts a variety of cultural events and acts as a platform for the appreciation and display of various performing arts. It hosts movie festivals, music events, meetings, and receptions. The grandiosity of the big auditorium will give you a royal backdrop for sure. It certainly deserves to be on our list of Instagrammable places in Miami. 

Dreamer, Miami

Dreamer, Miami - Instagrammable Places in Miami
SOURCE: www.christineceline.com

The Dreamer, also known as The Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha Bar, is an awesome getaway just near Miami beach. If you are in Miami Beach, you can enjoy exploring both locations together. How about catching a small break from the beach sun and visiting the Dreamer to grab some cool beverages? Sounds great to us!

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Beach Park Hotel

Beach Park Hotel - Instagrammable Places in Miami

The Beach Park Hotel is another stunning hotel in Miami Beach and is located directly near Ocean Drive. It is a Mediterranean-style hotel and is a winner of the Barbara Baer Capitman Award. Extremely aesthetic, this large 54-room boutique hotel is a great place to click pictures on. We highly recommend you visit this place and we promise that your pictures will be a real treat to the eyes. 

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Palm trees on ocean drive

Palm trees on ocean drive - Instagrammable Places in Miami

The palm trees on the ocean drive make a great outdoor location for clicking pictures. The long lines of palm trees on both sides of the roads provide a natural and effortlessly beautiful picture background. You can represent the sunny and lively nature of the spot by clicking pictures in colorful clothes. No doubt this spot deserves to be included on this list. 

The Garden House Restaurant

The Garden House Restaurant - Instagrammable Places in Miami

The Garden House Hotel is a Latin American hotel inspired by Colombian culture and provides a great culinary experience reflecting the same. The gorgeous interiors would blow your minds for sure. Make sure to click beautiful pictures as they are guaranteed to blow the minds of your Instagram friends and followers too! 

Planta South Beach Hotel

Planta South Beach Hotel - Instagrammable Places in Miami

Planta South Beach Hotel is exclusive, extremely unique, and special because it serves only plant-based food! It is both refreshing and surprising to find a vegan restaurant near a beach because we normally expect to only find seafood. The owners make it mandatory to source the raw materials from ethical suppliers only and therefore you can enjoy everything without any sort of cruelties involved indirectly. And the best part is, that you will have spectacular photos on your Instagram feed. 

Mondrian South Beach Hotel

Mondrian South Beach Hotel - Instagrammable Places in Miami

Mondrian South Beach hotel is another beach-side restaurant near Miami Beach and being there is an immersive experience. It serves food that is both authentic and flavorful. It provides delightful fresh takes on original recipes and visitors can choose numerous options when it comes to the spot. You can choose to sip your cocktail near the pool, inside the restaurant, by the bayside, or anywhere you want. You can also enjoy the scenic sunsets of the Biscayne Bay area and Miami downtown. Who doesn’t like sunset pictures? You can get a lot of silhouette shots of yourself. 

Museum Garage

Museum Garage - Instagrammable Places in Miami

The Museum garage is an extravagant display of erudite and popular culture. It reimagines traditional architecture and design and comes up with unexpected structures. Overall, the vibe of the place is very quirky. You are surely going to have a couple of unique pictures on your Instagram. 

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls - Instagrammable Places in Miami

Wynwood Walls is one of the most popular Instagrammable locations in Miami. You will find brilliantly painted graffiti walls with faces and patterns. You will see giant murals that serve as one of the best backdrops for your pictures. Who doesn’t like a rainbow of colors in their picture! Instagram is all about what treats the eyes more. So, don’t forget to get a few pictures of yourself in this location.  


ASTRA Miami - Instagrammable Places in Miami
SOURCE: Serenity Made

If you dig rooftop restaurants with spectacular views from the top, you can’t miss this gorgeous place. ASTRA Miami is a great place for spending time with your loved ones. You will love the Meditteranean cuisine and get a touch of Greek flavors in them. It has overstuffed sofas in the lounge area and you can get fully cozy while sipping on your favorite drinks. And of course, you will get great pictures for your Instagram. 

Philips and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Philips and Patricia Frost Museum of Science - Instagrammable Places in Miami

Philips and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is a state-of-the-art planetarium and big aquarium, which opened in 2017. You will undoubtedly enjoy clicking pictures in front of the aquarium glasses with large fishes and marine creatures swimming in your background. It is gigantic and mesmerizing to the eye. There are laser-light shows at night and you can get an even more interesting backdrop for your photos. 

SOBE is love

SOBE is love - Instagrammable Places in Miami
SOURCE: sobeislove.com

“SOBE is love” is a large,  bright-pink-colored art installation located just near the Miami beach. People click pictures in front of it and if you see that for real, you will understand why. Make sure to pose near this popular location and add a pop of color to your Instagram feed. 

Casa Florida

Casa Florida - Instagrammable Places in Miami

Casa Florida is a privately owned hotel near Pereybere Beach.  It is an impressive luxury hotel that has a variety of spectacular spots to relax and have a good time. The staff is known to be very warm and hospitable. You will see a large tropical garden in addition to 74 large rooms inside. If you decide to stay there, don’t miss the chase of having some stunning photographs of yourself. 

Hopefully, you have bookmarked our blog, and remember to revisit it while you plan your trip to Miami! We hope that you have a great time during your vacation in Miami. Always remember that we have only one life and you must make the best out of all the opportunities life gives us.