Home Decor Captions And Quotes For Instagram

Have you ever tried decorating your house by yourself? Try it. It is one of the most fulfilling things in the world. And there are no strings attached to it. You can decorate as you like. If you love it, it is all that matters. Of course, someone who visits your house might have an opinion. Surely there is a traditional way in which things are meant to be. But the key to creating a space where you feel comfortable and alive is not to abide by the golden rules all the time. 

Cute Home Decor Captions

Home decor gives a lot of satisfaction and happiness. If you have a day off, you can try dedicating it to decorating your home. Just plan your budget and choose the room you want to work on. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to change the whole look of the house. Just take it slow. And don’t forget to share pictures with your friends on Instagram. We’ve got you covered with cute home decor captions which you can just copy-paste from here. 

  • Home is where the heart is.
  • Creating a space that feels like home.
  • Turning a house into a home, one room at a time.
  • Bringing warmth and comfort to every corner of our home.
  • Making our home a reflection of who we are.
  • Finding beauty in the little details of home decor.
  • Adding personal touches to every room in our home.
  • Creating a space that’s both stylish and functional.
  • Finding inspiration in the world around us to create a cozy home.
  • Making our home a place of relaxation and rest.
  • I wonder how decorating my space is such a difficult work, yet my tiredness vanishes once I see the result. 
  • My kids love Aladdin. And somehow, creating a night theme with a lot of paper lanterns gives them a lot of happiness.
  • My cat is royal! She instantly enhances the beauty of my sofa where she sleeps like a queen. 
  • My home decor keeps changing depending on how much I browse Pinterest.
  • I love keeping a basket of plastic fruits on my dining table. At least they don’t rot but look great!
  • Decorate your home. You will start loving the roof above your head more than ever.
  • The joy of creating your own little cozy corner and unwinding there every day is the most precious feeling in this world. 
  • Just let your design ideas flow until you find your perfect style.
    If you learn how to turn trash into decor pieces, you will never throw even an old pen. 

Home Decor Captions And Quotes For Instagram

  • Decorating my home is my favorite hobby.
  • Home decor for me is a necessity. It makes me feel so good about my life. 
  • Being a minimalist is tough but now you got more space inside the house. It is an achievement in itself. 
  • The favorite part of my home decorating process is going into the details of how I want the final vibe to be.
  • If you are bored and feel worthless, just try decorating your home. You will feel much better. 
  • If you can’t go anywhere, keep doing something to beautify your house.

Short Home Decor Captions

Are you among the people who don’t talk a lot? Well, sometimes it’s better to keep it short, simple, and straightforward. Don’t worry. We have some of the perfect short home decor captions for you. 

  • I just change my curtains to get into a particular mood.
  • Nothing beats good natural lighting to me. 
  • I am never alone when I have around 20 plants inside my home.
  • Home decor is highly subjective. Plain is classy, and so is color. 
  • I prefer wallpapers to actual paints. They save a lot of time, and I can do it myself. 
  • I only removed the table from the room and it’s already looking so spacious.
  • Before renovating, I never thought this house could be mine. 
  • Sometimes, just keeping things tidy makes a living space classier. 
  • The more lovingly you do it, the better your home decor comes out to be. 
  • I buy home decor more cautiously than I buy my own dress.
  • The time starting from Halloween to Christmas is my favorite time of the year to decorate my house.

Funny Home Decor Captions

Humour and home decor seem to be an unlikely combination. But with the right attitude, you can just turn everything funny. Here are some low-key funny home decor captions for you. 

  • Yes, I talk to my plants! I am not crazy. 
  • Autumn is here and it’s time for pumpkins and witches! 
  • How do you always get broke, they ask. I mean….look around in my house! 
  • I seriously need an alarming siren to stop me while I am shopping for home decor online. 
  • I was feeling so sad. And then I changed the curtains of my house. I don’t know, I feel better.
  • Home decor is just like makeup. You can be as extra as you want, or you can stay happy being a minimalist. 
  • I am the opposite of a minimalist when it comes to buying paintings for the house.

Creative Interior Design Captions

When it comes to home decor, taking the help of a professional is not mandatory at all. Just wait and think about how you want the vibe to be and then follow your heart to achieve it. You can search for design ideas on Google, Pinterest, etc, and just see where the chord strikes. The point is to experiment enough and make enough mistakes to finally arrive at the best decor and design choices. If you love to show your skills on Instagram, don’t shy away from picking one of the captions below.

  • The color of the walls of my house is a reflection of the person I am inside.
  • A mere building becomes an actual home when the people living inside it decorate and make it their own.
  • Adorning my house with things I love is no less than therapy.
  • I always let my inner creative genius shine from every corner of my house. 
  • Something inside me comes alive when I sit to brainstorm about changing the look of my house.
  • Creativity comes in all shapes and forms. It just needs to be accepted as being creative. 
  • Owning a big house is nothing until you decorate each corner according to your taste. 
  • Home decor is never perfect until you are comfortable in it. 
  • I painted my walls in colors and decorated them in Bohemian style because they remind me of my favorite vacation. 
  • I took my room decor game to whole another level this time. 

Home Decor Quotes

Home decor is personal and it is an art. It is fully subjective. What you think is classy might be too flat for someone else. What you call quirky might be too gaudy and whacky for someone to live in. So, it doesn’t matter. If you are a home decor enthusiast, don’t forget to flaunt your knowledge and skills on Instagram. Find a unique home decor quote from the list given below.

  • The joy of placing each item of the house in the desired place is unparalleled.
  • Each element chosen as my home decor is a way of expressing my artistic vision in physical form.
  • I love experimenting with themes and colors a lot. 
  • I love renovating my old furniture because I apparently save myself a lot of money by not buying new ones.
  • There are two main kinds of people in the world. One who thinks monochrome is boring and another who thinks going all colorful is crazy. 
  • Everybody says that white walls are boring. But for me, it is the much-needed calm and quiet that we are missing from the world in general. 
  • Plants inside the house make me feel alive. 
  • I love to have a vintage look and feel in my house. 
  • Decorating my house with flowers is one of my favorite activities of all time. 
  • I love how this house reminds me of the one I saw in my dreams. It has the same suave finishes and uniqueness.
  • My living room is filled with a unique blend of textures and details which gets better and better as you start observing more.
  • Something about vintage crockery gives a very royal vibe to my dinner table. I simply love it.
  • I love how some of my rooms are fully plain and some are fully colorful. It gives the right balance.
  • I love how the use of brown color in the living room gives a very warm, cozy, rustic, and autumny vibe. 
  • Every corner of my house is a reflection of my taste and choice. 
  • This bookshelf and the books inside it are my most treasured possessions. Every vacation of my childhood went sitting on a chair near it and reading my favorite books over and over again.
  • Blushy pink room decor is perfect for me. I don’t see it as a girly color. It is just a sophisticated style statement. 
  • This vintage wall clock has been ticking since my great grandfather was born. It is passed on to us from our ancestors.
  • I love the feeling of anticipating something new when we change the decor of the house. 
  • Color comes in so many forms and textures. I love smooth walls as much as I love the textured ones.
  • Painting the walls of the room you live in is a whole another emotion.
  • I will never replace my vintage furniture with anything else. They are a reminder of my lovely grandparents.
  • I am quite modest with my choices but somehow, glitters don’t look gaudy around Christmas time.
  • I never know my house is so chic until I saw some pictures of it, taken by my niece. 
  • I have recently started loving fairy lights so much that I decorated my whole living room with them.
  • The dolls I used to play with when I was young are now part of the corner showcases. They look beautiful. 
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