EST Gee Lyrics For Instagram Captions

EST Gee Lyrics For Instagram Captions

If you’ve been on the lookout for some lyrical fire to spice up your Instagram captions, look no further than EST Gee. George Albert Stone III, known in the rap game as EST Gee, has been making waves with his captivating verses and infectious beats. Signed to powerhouse labels like Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group (CMG), Interscope Records, and Warlike, EST Gee’s rise in the music industry has been nothing short of meteoric.

With his fifth mixtape, “Bigger Than Life or Death,” hitting the airwaves in July 2021 and peaking at number 7 on the Billboard 200, it’s clear that his lyrical prowess is something you’ll want to incorporate into your social media game. In this article, we’ll dive into some of EST Gee’s most memorable lyrics that are tailor-made for taking your Instagram captions to the next level.

EST Gee Lyrics Captions

  • Make sure that she look proper, I’ma lash and French tip her
  • She reach back when I’m hittin’ her and put claws on them balls, Kawhi Leonard
  • Couldn’t believe her eyes when I responded to her message
  • I’m here for a second, baby, leave your best impression
  • Might get apprehended when I’m finished, catch a DV charge the way I
  • Every time I check my mentions, it’s her commentin’ on my picture, she the sickest
  • She gettin’ a lil’ wetter, I’m aggressive when we choppin’
  • It’s somethin’ about this bitch, you know she special if I stamp her
  • Plan B, ain’t no playin’ me, take it in front of me
  • My babygirl so pretty, she the coldest in the city
  • Ooh, ooh, this a good shot
  • Everybody goin’ broke and blame it on the virus
  • Bag in, pass it to my mans, John Stockton
  • I cut all the fine, basic bitches off my roster
  • If you touch down in my city, I hit all the bad bitches
  • It wasn’t no abortions, I had twenty baby mamas
  • I can’t even lie, bruh, I miss her
  • Young trapper flyin’ first class, I’m important
  • Fat boy store forever open from night time to the morning
  • I literally drove through every single border with a forest
  • I’m a young shiner, body full of diamonds

EST Gee Song Lyrics Captions

  • I know you heard ’bout G
  • I pray they don’t check it when I mail it ’cause it’s thrax in that
  • This that gangsta shit that you was missin’, you was lovin’
  • Hard for him to sleep, his pillow got a hunnid Gs on it
  • We ride in them rentals when we spinnin’ on yo buddy
  • Standin’ over yo lady lettin’ it dangle
  • If he say I snaked him, then I adapted to my habitat
  • You single if I want you bae
  • Them blocks, they go for thirty-three
  • Ain’t no halfway in it, if you with us, we thuggin’
  • That’s on gang, that’s on me, that’s on my name, what’s up Gee?
  • I’ma drop the ticket, go and get em if you love me
  • Hit his mama house, shoot up the car and hit his buddy
  • She step out, take like fifty flicks
  • ‘Cause you left and you not ’round
  • Need a Julep and a hot brown
  • Let me know now if you not down
  • I’m ’bout to buy my bro a drop
  • You a thot, thot, thot
  • I’m way too selective with the folks that I get mixy with
  • Slide through the opp blocks shooting out blow darts
  • She said, “That’s a lie, boy”
  • I just cannot stop
  • Shirt off, chains on in a drop
  • Run my city, you can ask my opps
  • She came to kick it with her friends, they takin’ shots, shots, shots

EST Gee Song Captions

  • Promoter called my phone when I left, couldn’t get the pipe in
  • Tired of soda bottles, I pour a four inside my cup
  • Ayy, throw it off the glass, I’ma dunk it
  • She ain’t been ridin’ with ’em when them bullets start flyin’
  • I be at practice, I got real skills, none of this shit luck
  • Opps ain’t had a sixty-day stretch without dyin’
  • Every time I pop out, I hear women screamin’, “Ooh, Baby”
  • Mix it with the rizzy, give that lil’ dog a pit growl
  • Way before coronavirus, I had them youngins masked up
  • Ask bae, see, if I love you, you can know whatever
  • Don’t throw it up if you don’t bang for it
  • Rappers can’t compare themselves to me if they ain’t sold a brick
  • I made a promise not to play if we couldn’t ball together
  • Ain’t no question, if I love you, you can know whatever
  • Blood diamonds on me, I paid pain for it
  • I’ma give ’em all blues for you like we got Crip ties
  • I sold my soul back in September, we gon’ ball forever
  • Riding filthy with a clean blower, send you to the Lord
  • If I quit rap, I still got a whole house I can serve out
  • Devil calling, I don’t hit ignore
  • Just make sure you sure that you wanna do it
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EST Gee Instagram Captions

  • All this shit started off in the kitchen
  • I don’t gotta touch it, somebody gon’ sell it
  • Get the ball, I’ma score or I’m passing
  • I been savin’ my guala, I ain’t savin’ no bitch
  • Born in this shit, I grew up with some felons
  • I’m set on servin’ in the morning, I’m snappin’
  • Gon’ have to chase me, I don’t like to wait
  • Gettin’ paid, this the most I done ever saved
  • Ask the plug, this the most he done ever sent
  • I done ran up a dub on an accident
  • F.N. inside of my hand when I back in
  • I wish you would play with me, boy, you a bitch, yeah
  • I still got my block if the music don’t crack

EST Gee Lyrics Quotes

  • Droplets of vanilla in my Tech to set the taste off
  • Making plays how I made my name, it ain’t take long
  • Gangster everywhere except my casket
  • All-white, I rock Off White, bitch, let’s talk prices
  • You better have your pipe or something, you must wanna lose your life or something
  • Shoutout to the prosecutor, that’s the one who saved y’all
  • Police found a face inside a puddle of your lifeless buddy
  • Weak dog, fentanyl involved, make the H strong
  • I hope you beat it three times—you fail, we gon’ keep trying
  • Fast whips, damn near hit the car, I’m tryna stash shit
  • Ain’t no winning fights with us, you know that we gon’ light it up
  • Bad bitches spend they last with me, ain’t never had one
  • Free yours and free mine, Gotti fightin’ a body, bitch


EST Gee’s lyrical genius provides the perfect fuel to ignite your Instagram captions with a dose of swagger, depth, and style. With a successful career on the rise and an ever-growing fan base, his words not only resonate with his audience but also add an extra layer of meaning to your posts.

So, whether you’re looking to drop some wisdom, flex your confidence, or simply captivate your followers, EST Gee’s lyrics are the secret weapon you need to elevate your social media game.