IPL Captions and Quotes for Instagram

IPL captions and quotes for Instagram

So picture this. It’s an IPL match day, no matter where you are. You’ve got your popcorn and cola ready and you’re dressed to the nines. Even your hairstyle is on fleek. The mood is just right, till you realize something’s missing! The caption for the picture! There’s no caption to strike a chord with the feeling you have in that very moment.  It’s heartbreaking!

Let me help you avoid that situation. Here is a list of IPL captions and quotes which could be perfect for all your IPL match moments.

Best IPL Captions

Cricket is a sport I’ve always enjoyed watching. Whether in a stadium or at home, it’s something that Indians just cannot do without!

The progression of the game from Test cricket to one day cricket and now T20 has been a joy to watch, but the style of the games hasn’t changed much. The Indian Premier League or IPL, which is played in April-June of every year in India, changed all that.

Captions and quotes for these matches can be different as they’re more emotional and exciting as compared to others. Here are some caption ideas that can help you gain more likes and comments on IPL match selfies.

  • Cricket fever at its highest in the IPL
  • Bring on the sixes and fours in the IPL
  • The IPL has us on the edge of our seats
  • The IPL: where the best in the world come to play
  • Feeling the energy of the IPL
  • The IPL: a league like no other
  • The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in the IPL
  • Cheering on our favorite team in the IPL
  • The IPL: bringing people together through the love of cricket
  • The IPL: where dreams are made and broken
  • Aah! IPL is back!! #yay #champion #dreamteam
  • Dear Super Over, Please come soon.
  • Wohooo! That was a close one! #IPL
  • Love cricket. Love IPL. IPL is back with a bang! I would like to wish all the teams good luck for the season ahead. May the best team win.
  • We’re lighting up the night with IPL fever. Which team are you rooting for? #RCBvKKR

IPL quotes and captions for Instagram

  • IPL is both a religion and a festival! No one wants to miss out on it.
  • What’s more fun than watching cricket with a group of crazy friends?#IPL2022 #cricketseason.
  • The IPL is back and so are our Sunday Fundays! 🖤⚪️
  • I don’t know about you guys, but I’m having a total blast watching all the IPL matches. 🏏
  • It’s the final stretch of the season—who are you rooting for?
  • The mood for cricket matches is always on!!!
  • Which team are you rooting for? Who’s your favourite player? 😍🏏

Short IPL Captions

No matter which team you support, the Indian Premier League is a time for fun. There is a whole lot of excitement around the competition. Win, lose or draw. Every match of the IPL season has emotions associated with it.

Whether you like it or not, selfies are a part of the IPL culture now, and you can’t avoid them. So if you have shot pictures at an IPL match this season, here are some Instagram captions that can be used to describe what happened at that match.

  • Can’t keep calm because it’s IPL time!
  • Can’t wait for IPL season to begin.
  • Super excited for IPL.
  • Go,Go,Go! #cricket
  • The game has begun! Let’s cheer for our team and be at the stadium.
  • May the best team win! 🏏
  • It’s impossible to have a bad day when you watch IPL matches. 🏏 💚❤️💛
  • Who all are excited for the IPL matches? I cannot wait to watch my favorite team playing and winning.
  • Life is like a game of cricket. You have to take the good balls and bad balls with a smile.
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CSK Quotes

These are some of the best quotes that CSK fans and followers can use as captions to express their passion.

  • Cheer for your favourite team. LET’S GO CSK!
  • Everybody’s got a little bit of love for #whistlepodu and our captain cool – #MSDhoni.
  • One city, one team. Only one winner. #CSK
  • The King of comebacks, Thalaiva! CSK is back 😍
  • CSK are like the sun, they rise to give light to people who need it.
  • Love to watch the game, play the game and live the game. CSK Super Kings
  • Our Boys are Back 🔥 ….. CSK 💛| #WhistlePodu #Yellove
  • Thala Dhoni is back, his CSK are back, and everything feels right in the world again. #WhistlePodu 🦁💛
  • Wearing yellow and singing “Chennai Super Kings” is my favorite thing to do in the whole world.
  • Because your favorite colors are gold and yellow, because you wait for the IPL season to start every year and because your favorite player is MS Dhoni.
  • Yellove!!!
  • The whistle podu of the Empire.
  • Dhoni is the prince on CSK and CSK is the king of IPL.
  • CSK on Fire 🔥

RCB Quotes

As the IPL tournament nears, our excitement levels are hitting sky-high! And we can’t contain our happiness to only ourselves – it has to be spread! Here are some awesome Royal Challengers Bangalore quotes and captions for you to use on social media and make your posts super quirky.

  • It is just a game played by 22 players. But for us it is emotion, hope & love…RCB
  • One thing that’s consistent with the RCB is the loyalty of their fans.
  • Bringing some positive notes to light the spark of RCB, which is just not a team anymore but has become a family of loyal supporters.
  • Win or Lose, With Trophy or Without Trophy, I will ALWAYS support RCB.
  • Let’s Go RCB.
  • We are an RCB family.
  • Live in the moment. The more you take from it, the more it gives back to you. Go RCB!
  • Bold. Straightforward. Unpredictable.
  • RCB all the way!
  • That feeling when you are up and running in the first match of IPL. Here’s to Team RCB 2022! 💛💙
  • I’m the kind of person who never stops thinking about RCB. Ever. RCB’ian for life!

Mumbai Indians Quotes

Let’s take a look at some amazing Mumbai Indians quotes and captions for social media that are going to inspire you.

  • Aala re aala Dewald Brevis aala!
  • The heart of every fan beats for the blue shirt.
  • Mumbai Indians, we are ready to cheer. #MI
  • Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done. #OneFamily #CricketMeriJaan #MumbaiIndians
  • They don’t call us #MumbaiIndians for nothing!
  • When God Gives you a chance to make History, Make it… And Make it Again..
  • We Are The Champions, Again.
  • Sow the seeds of effort, reap the harvest of success.
  • A strong man can fight a strong man, but only a powerful warrior can win a war. #MumbaiIndians #OneFamily
  • It’s not just a team, it’s a religion.
  • When life throws a catch, MI catches it.
  • The middle order is called the middle order because they come in the middle of the wave.

Rajasthan Royals Quotes

Are you looking for Rajasthan Royals Quotes? We have compiled the best quotes of Rajasthan Royals players & supporters. Check it out!

  • You are our heartbeat and we are your voice.
  • #RR: Yes, we rose from the dead. And yes, we can keep rising.
  • Rajasthan Royals is coming back to its original home Jaipur, let’s make it big!
  • We Do The Impossible because No One Else Can.
  • Rajasthan Royals is a team that can always be relied on when it comes to the IPL.
  • Rajasthan Royals- “Rise from Ashes”
  • Royals For The Win.
  • The Royals in the heart, the game in the blood.
  • Always be a royal fan, or don’t come in at all.

Sunrisers Hyderabad Quotes

Now, let’s look at some of the best Sunrisers Hyderabad quotes that you can use to cheer on your favorite IPL team.

  • #OrangeArmy is all set to #RiseAgain. Go Team Sunrisers!
  • Orange Army!
  • May the SunRise over us every day.
  • Joining hands to make the impossible, POSSIBLE

KKR Quotes

  • Get Ready to Cheer For KKR #KKR #IPL
  • To win it, to win everything. That’s the motto. The tradition of KKR is to win everything. 💪🏻
  • Korbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo! 😎🏏
  • We don’t do fashion. We are fashion.

IPL Quotes

  • ‘IPL will bring joy to millions back in India.’ – Bhuvi
  • “I don’t celebrate wickets. I celebrate wins.” – Alzzari Joseph
  • Want the perfect quotes for IPL matches? Here are some of the best ones.
  • ‘Stay in the moment and make the best decisions.’ – KL Rahul
  • “Sometimes you have to give credit to the opposition.” – Gautam Gambhir