Matching Instagram Bios for Couples and Friends

Matching Instagram bios for couples and friends

Instagram allows people to express themselves in pictures and in words in the most creative ways possible! Social networks were created to enable people to network with like-minded people and share their world with their friends and family. So, how do you go the extra mile and flaunt your friendship and your love in a savvy way? You can do that by putting matching bios and mentioning them on the bio as well. To help you do that, we have curated a list of some unique ideas which you have never seen before!! 

Matching Instagram Bios for Couples

Couples nowadays often love to put matching bios on their Instagram. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your commitment through that because Instagram is a place where anyone can approach you. So if you prefer to let others know that you are already smitten away by someone else, go ahead and use some of the examples we have curated. Go that extra mile and announce your love in a savvy way!

  • You are the apple of my eye….And the cherry of my pie.
  • You took my heart…So I am taking your Instagram
  • You are my missing piece….You complete my life like no other.
  • I am your Popeye…And I am your Olive.
  • Through thick and thin…For better or worse
  • I feel you with every beat of my heart…You are the rhythm of my life and my heart.
  • You lift me up…You stop me from falling.
  • I keep on falling for you…Together we rise forever.
  • Sweeter than honey…Purer than nectar.
  • You are my bliss…You are my peace.

Matching Instagram Bios for lovers

Ready to dare and tell the world that you belong to each other? We are ready to help you! Use some of the captions below and show love to each other in a savvy style.

  • You are like the soft breeze that touches my hair…You are the calming raindrops in my chaos.
  • I see my world in you…You are my universe.
  • You are the warm sunshine in my life…You are the warm coffee in my cup 
  • You are the words to my feelings…You are the sound of my heartbeat
  • Every breath I take is for you…You are the reason.
  • I won’t give up on us…even if the stars fall apart.
  • You are my honey bun sugar pop…You are my sweetie pie.
  • The one who stole my heart…Your heart is absolutely safe with me…
  • I want you forever…You are forever safe in my heart.
  • “I would catch a grenade for ya”…” Throw my hands on flame for ya”

Matching Instagram Bios for friends

Friendship is one of the most important relationships for every human. Do you have an inseparable friend who always sticks with you and shares their life with you? Here are some inspiring options for putting matching Instagram bios on Instagram. 

  • I would love to wish you the best … But you already had it.
  • Stay close to people … Who feel like sunshine.
  • I am the happiest… When I am right next to you.
  • When the sun shines … We’ll shine together
  • I’ll follow you… To the end of the world.
  • It is never about the words of the rival.. and… It is about the silence of the friend.
  • In my friend … I find a second self

Matching Instagram Bios for BFFs

Are you so close with your BFFs that you wanna officially term them as your BFF only? Come on! There’s an extremely savvy way to do that. Instagram bios are fun to write and it’s best when they appear ambiguous. No one would know what it actually means until they find out both profiles. Here are some pairs that you can put on your bios.

  • And till the end… you were my very best friend.
  • A million times over…  l will always choose you.
  • Whatever our souls are made of… hers and mine are the same.
  • lts you. you’re the person… l love the most in this world