Camila Cabello Lyrics for Instagram Captions

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Do you love Camila Cabello and want to show off your fandom while also having some creative captions on your Instagram photos? 

Music is one of Camila’s greatest passions, and this passion is shown in how she tells stories through her songs. Below I have compiled some of her best lyrics for you to use as captions for your posts!

Camila Cabello Lyrics Captions

  • “I’m into it, whatever trouble that you’re thinking… I could get into it” – Into It
  • “Say what you want but the way she kills you, makes you feel alive.” – She Loves Control
  • “There’s somethin’ ’bout his manners.” – Havana
  • “I stay up, talkin’ to the moon. Been feelin’ so alone in every crowded room.” – Real Friends
  • “Why do I even try? Give me a reason why. I thought that I could trust you, never mind.” – Real Friends
  • “You know she lives for the thrill. You know she loves for the kill.” – She Loves Control
  • “I know that you feel me.” – In The Dark

camila cabello lyrics for Instagram captions

  • “If it doesn’t hurt me, why do I still cry?” – Something’s Gotta Give
  • “Thought that you could go on without me. Now you can’t see you without me” – Inside Out
  • “What a divine moment”
  • “Half of my heart is in Havana.” -Havana
  • “Let the beat carry, your tears as they fall baby”

Best Camila Cabello Instagram Captions

  • “No, I think I’ll stay in tonight. Skip the conversations and the “oh, I’m fine’s.” – Real Friends
  • “It’s you, babe. And I’m a sucker for the way that you move, babe.” – Never Be The Same
  • She loves control
  • “Your November rain could set nights on fire, but we could only burn so long.” – Something’s Gotta Give
  • “Just like nicotine, heroin, morphine. Suddenly, I’m a fiend and you’re all I need.” – Never Be The Same
  • “I wish I loved you like I miss you” – All These Years
  • “Now I’m seeing red, not thinking straight. Blurring all the lines, you intoxicate me.” – Never Be The Same
  • “Look on the bright side, You on the right side.” -Inside Out
  • “You got some nerve trying to tear my faith apart.” -I Have Questions
  • “I’m not a psychic but I see myself all over you.” – Into It
  • “I stay up, talkin’ to the moon, Been feelin’ so alone in every crowded room.” -Real Friends
  • “I just wanna talk about nothin’ with somebody that means something.” – Real Friends
  • “And I lost so much more than my senses, ’cause loving you had consequences.” – Consequences
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Camila Cabello Song Lyrics Caption

  • “Let the music lift you up like you’ve never been this free”
  • “Sitting on my throne”
  • “Sapphire moonlight, tequila sunrise”
  • “All I do the whole day through is dream of you”
  • “Doin’ forever in a minute”
  • “I’m cut like a diamond”
  • “I knew it when I met him. I loved him when I left him.” – Havana
  • “Can I run away to somewhere beautiful? Where does nobody know my name?” – Real Friends
  • “No reason to stay is a good reason to go”
  • “Okay yeah I’m insane, but you’re the same”
  • “‘Cause after all these years. I still feel everything when you are near.” – All These Years
  • “4 AM, bloom like a rose.” -OMG
  • “Loving you was young, and wild, and free, Loving you was cool, and hot, and sweet.” -Consequences
  • “Sounds like you’re happy with her. But does she kiss you like I kissed you?” – All These Years

Camila Cabello Lyrics for Instagram Captions

Camila Cabello Song Captions

  • Now that you have me, do you want me still?
  • “‘Cause after all these years, I still feel everything when you are near.” -All These Years
  • “She loves control, she wants it her way.” -She Loves Control
  • “Your November rain could set night on fire.” -Something’s Gotta Give
  • “Can I run away to somewhere beautiful where nobody knows my name?
  • “You’re still the one I’m after all these years” – All These Years
  • “Stay away from people that make you feel hard to love. You are electric. See it, believe it, feel it.”
  • “Loving you was dumb, dark and cheap. Loving you still takes shots at me” – Consequences
  • “This paper town has let me down too many times.” -Real Friends
  • “Loving you was sunshine, safe and sound. A steady place to let down my defences but loving you had consequences.” – Consequences
  • “Don’t wake up, this love is like a dream”
  • “Something must’ve gone wrong in my brain, Got your chemicals all in my veins.” -Never Be the Same
  • “Look at the bright side. You’re on the right side.” – Inside Out
  • “Love your body, take care of your soul, trust your mind.”
  • “Love people with reckless abandon. Don’t compromise who you are for someone else. The right people will stay.”
  • “Feel everything that is different between living and existing.”
  • “This paper town has let me down too many times.

Camila Cabello Quotes

  • “There’s no freedom like the freedom that comes from expressing yourself.”
  • “Never be afraid to express yourself.”
  • “Pain is a monster fed by fear. The more afraid you are of it finding you, the more it’ll grow.”
  • “Let life do it’s thing. Be kind, work hard, cheer people on, and life will be good to you!”
  • “At the end of the day, nobody’s perfect and everybody’s weird whether they embrace it or not.”
  • “These are the moments. These are the moments where you realize love is everywhere if you look closely.”
  • “It’s okay not to be perfect. Your imperfects are what make you YOU. And at the end of the day, people like the real you, flaws and all. At least I do.”