Pre-wedding Quotes And Captions For Instagram

pre wedding captions for instagram

Pre-wedding photo shoots have truly become an important part of the world’s pop culture in the last few years. It was started by the wealthy ones and now everyone does it as per their convenience and budget. We have written down some unique pre-wedding quotes and captions and quotes that one can use to accompany their social media post. 

Romantic Pre-Wedding Quotes

Whenever a wedding is approaching, we know what to expect on the couple’s social media. Since we know how popular pre-wedding shoots are, we have put together some absolutely original quotes and captions that you can use on your own Instagram.

  • Here’s to love and all the adventures that come with it
  • Counting down the days until we say ‘I do’
  • Celebrating this special time with our loved ones
  • Making memories before the big day
  • So excited to marry my best friend
  • Feeling all the love and happiness
  • Bringing a little bit of romance to our feed
  • The countdown is on and we couldn’t be happier
  • Cherishing every moment leading up to our wedding day
  • Feeling blessed and grateful to be surrounded by love
  • I don’t know how you stole my heart. I guess a lifetime would be enough for figuring it out. 
  • Finally, we are about to begin our journey together. I can’t wait to have a zillion new experiences of firsts, seconds, and lasts together. 
  • The more we are approaching our wedding date, the longer each day feels now. I am waiting to be known as yours officially.

pre wedding captions for instagram

  • You and I look best when we smile together.
  • Here’s to us for not letting anything shake our faith in this wonderful relationship we have.
  • So finally I can play “You’re still the one” by Shania Twain on our wedding day.
  • What we have now is precious and I promise that we will only get better with time. I can’t wait to start our life together.
  • There is a unique glow on my face and a shine in my eyes whenever you are near me. All I can do is, promise to love you and care for you, with all my heart forever.
  • Can’t wait to spend all my days and nights planning things together, for OUR home.

Funny Pre-Wedding Quotes

Some go too far for getting the perfect click on their pre-wedding photos. If you search on the internet, you will find a lot of such examples where the pre-wedding photoshoots go wrong and it’s often hilarious. But let’s not make fun of it. People go through a lot together during relationships. Anyways, if you want to share your lovely pre-wedding content with a twist, quirk or humor, use one of the captions given below. 

  • You can’t run away from me even if I look ugly in the morning! 
  • So from now on, I will have to set regular reminders for future marriage anniversaries too. Hmm….that’s a critical job!
  • Well, apparently I have ruined all chances of marrying my favorite celebrity someday.
  • With you, even taking out the trash together would become romantic! How interesting. 
  • Get ready to change your relationship status on Facebook! You are taken. For real this time. 
  • Sorry, you can’t marry one of the BTS guys anymore! 
  • I only wanted to dress up like a bride. Damn, am I getting a husband too? 
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Pre-Wedding Quotes For Couples

Pre-wedding photos and videos are very heartwarming and wholesome. If you also wish to tell your story and share your happiness, make sure to accompany it with a great caption. If you have been looking for a great caption to accompany your beautiful pre-wedding pictures and videos, check our list till the last. 

  • Loving you was not enough. Hence I am marrying you! Maybe living with you my whole life would be great to show you how much I care. Can’t wait to find it out. 
  • Ever since I have met you, I always longed for this day. 
  • I feel so grateful to have you with me. I thank you for loving me even on my worst days. You are the king/queen of my life.
  • I am so glad that we are having this moment today. I promise to love you and protect our precious relationship in every situation in our life.
  • Sometimes I seriously wonder if I really deserve you. I don’t know why you fell for me, but I will make everything worth it. 
  • Thank you for deciding to spend your life with me. It all feels like a dream.
  • I can’t believe this is happening for real! But it is really happening. You are mine forever!

Pre-Wedding Captions For Video Posts

Pre-wedding photos speak a hundred stories but videos do that even more. To accompany your beautiful showreel or a themed pre-wedding video, here are some awesome pre-wedding captions for video posts.

  • This is the trailer of two lovers from two different parts of our country/state/world, who have come together and decided to stay with each other forever.  
  • Always imagined me in a music video. This video has made my dream come true. We indeed look dreamy and made for each other. 
  • This video will always remind us of our innocence and unconditional love for each other. All I can promise you is that I will be with you and love you forever. 
  • No matter what how busy we become in our domestic life, I will always remember to date you and smile with you, just like in this video.
  • This video of us is nothing less than a fairy tale beginning of a long roller-coaster ride we are about to get into. All I can think of now is, how to write a great story together. 
  • I am so excited to begin our life together. This video of us will always be a reminder of how and why we decided to go on this crazy ride called life.
  •  The beginning of forever starts officially from today! 

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Captions

Pre-wedding shoots are the celebration of love, just like the actual weddings and it is often a sweet way to start their journey as a married couple. If we change our perspective little, pre-wedding shoots are sweet and we should be happy for others. Here are some of the best pre-wedding photoshoot captions that you can use.

  • My heart is racing right now. This is a lot to process. Finally, we are getting married for real! 
  • After spending so much time together as a couple, we are ready to make it social and official. Cheers to our love!
  • All we wish is good luck and blessings from everyone. We are ready to start our wonderful life together. 
  • Having seen so much together, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. I will always love you and be there for you like I have been doing it forever.
  • You are a blessing and a dream come true to me. And I am extremely delighted to have you as my life partner.
  • Life is not all sugar and spice. But I will try my best to help us grow together and keep our family together.
  • Forever seems like the best plan for both of us.