Van Life Quotes and Captions for Instagram

How many of you aspire to grow up and quit a normal life? We know we don’t see that very often. It is often adopted by the people who have been bitten by the sweet insect called wanderlust! If you are one of those, find a befitting caption below if you are documenting your journey on Instagram. Happy Reading! 

Van Life Quotes

Did you randomly decide one day that city life is not for you anymore? Have you finally decided to listen to the voice that tells you to forget everything and travel? The choice is all yours now. If you want to experience an unordinary life, you need to sacrifice a normal life. You need to trust your instincts and tell yourself for once that you want that life. So, are you ready now? If you are, then you have the perfect Instagram captions to express your feeling of excitement about your journey. 

  • Van life is the ultimate adventure.
  • Embracing the open road and all it has to offer.
  • Finding beauty in the simplicity of van life.
  • Van life allows us to go wherever the wind takes us.
  • The journey is just as important as the destination in van life.
  • Feeling free and wild on the open road.
  • Van life allows us to truly connect with nature.
  • Finding home on the road in our trusty van.
  • Van life means endless possibilities and new adventures every day.
  • Embracing the nomadic lifestyle with open arms.
  • If we seek beautiful memories, the van is almost always ready to provide that! 
  • The world is all ours to explore and enjoy. 
  • New places are waiting to be discovered, filmed, and explored.
  • I am a backpacker who wishes to be buried with his van. 
  • I do not fear harsh weather and the dangers of the unknown. This van life chose me before I had a choice.
  • One day I will come back where I started, but till then the van is my life. 
  • If we seek new experiences, life in a van can pretty much provide us with everything.
  • The satisfaction with minimalism that comes from living in a van is what I call salvation. 
  • I have understood what it means to be free from greed as the van life has taught me how to be happy with the bare minimum. 
  • I feel alive, I feel excited and I feel rejuvenated with each new place I cover on my van. 

van life quotes

  • Life on wheels is very forgiving of your past. It does not remember anything. 
  • Life in the van has helped me know so much about myself. At times I am alone with my thoughts in the middle of nowhere. That is where I can listen to my own thoughts loud and clear. 
  • If you find someone who is ready to live in a van with you, don’t let them go! They’ll probably follow you through hell and to hell. 
  • I can transform my life immediately if I set out on an adventure.
  • If you can picture how tiny you are as compared to the whole planet, you would not take anything for granted.
  • There is only one life that I know I have and in this life, I want to cover as many places as possible in my modest van. 
  • I am gathering pictures of myself in new places so that when I am crippled and old, I have nothing to regret. At least I used my legs when I could. 
  • God gave us legs to walk around and travel. If he would have planned otherwise, he would have given us roots, just like trees.
  • If you are fearless, the world can show you the most beautiful places on earth. 
  • If you no longer feel lonely on the endless roads, you know you have attained something very close to emancipation. 
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Van Life Captions

Van life may not be easy. But it is fulfilling and oddly satisfying. People who are already living a van life often express that it was the best decision they took. It has taught people to live with less and live in the moment. Find some quotes that resonate with your van life. Show your journey to the world. 

  • I chose a life beyond screens and a concrete jungle. And it has rewarded me with feelings of gratitude and love towards each moment of my life. 
  • Travelling is electrifying and sets my soul on fire, just like the fuel in my van’s engine.
  • I only wish to be as rich as it takes for me to buy gas and oil for my van. 
  • One day I discovered how ignorant we are that we spend our whole lives on materialistic things and never see the world! That’s where my van became my best friend.
  • Each moment can unfold an adventure if you keep your eyes open and your van ready. 
  • I never imagined a life beyond a 3 BHK before I discovered how happy you can be living inside a 4-wheeler. 
  • My van is my tiny house! 
  • Exploring the world while moving the steering wheel is much better than exploring the world on google.
  • I never had to spend money on an expensive house and furnishing. I just need an unlimited supply of gas for my van. 

van life captions

  • Life in a van is monumental because it gives so many expensive feelings without costing you any money. 
  • Hardships on the road give you the eyes and heart to value everything that is in your home. 
  • Life is said to be a journey, not a destination. Then why do we sit in one place? Take out your four-wheeler and let’s set out on a journey. 
  • The rear view mirror of my van holds the picture of the beautiful past that I was a part of. A past that is unexpecting, unjudging, just giving me memories. 
  • A plane ticket is expensive because it hides away all the harsh reality of the land it crosses. Traveling as much as possible in a van will make you humble. 
  • I took a leap of faith with my van and set out on an unknown journey. Now I am rewarded with surprises and sights I never saw and never imagined. 
  •  I am an easy-come and easy-go person when it comes to places. I cannot be committed to one place.
  • Life on the road is as colorful as life in general. It is not smooth all the way. There are pebbles and stones that you need to cross and sometimes ignore. 
  • I don’t mind if a tornado hits one of the endless roads I’m in and engulfs me with my van. But if I survive, I’d say that I achieved everything in life. 

RV Life Captions

We don’t really aspire to spend our lives in an RV until we are done with the world! Honestly, life in an RV is not easy. The nomadic life might take away your social and personal life. But it provides the experience which you will never get if you don’t see it for yourself. If that is the life you want and believe that it will work out for you, we appreciate your adventurous spirit. So now, tell the world how you feel about your journey through unique Instagram captions and quotes. 

  • Some people choose alcohol as an escape from life. I choose RV.
  • Life in an RV is spontaneous and lively. 
  • I carry my home wherever I go. 
  • Home is wherever I am! I own an RV.
  • I don’t have a reason to miss home as I have an RV.
  • Life on four wheels is much more fulfilling than life in a bungalow.
  • I do not have a stagnant life! I travel and I live my life as I go. 
  • Spontaneous living is lonely for some people but for me, it is the best life I have ever known. 
  • RV life is not for lazy people! It is for the ones who don’t mind working a little more during a vacation preparing meals on the go. 
  • There are a lot of undiscovered facts about yourself that you can only discover when you are devoid of mental filters imposed by your society. In an RV, you get enough time with yourself. 
  • Only in a place with weak wifi, you can connect with yourself better. 
  • If you think a place is far away, start on your RV now. You’ll be a few steps closer to it sooner than you realize. 
  • I have an insane calling to leave a trail of my RV wheels behind! 
  • I wanna draw my name trail with my RV wheels. 
  • I wanna take my RV to a place called everywhere! I don’t know where it is, but it’s on top of my bucket list. 
  • I always wanna wake up to the sight of an endless road left for me to explore.
  • I like the mystery of unknown lands. 
  • I have finally fallen in love with nomadic life. It has made me humble and grateful for everything. 
  • I wanna run my vehicle over every unexplored road and leave a trail behind me as a guide for people as crazy as myself. 
  • I love the feeling of being lost in this wilderness. It is fulfilling, unlike being lost in the materialistic desires of life. 

Funny RV Quotes

Are you looking for humorous quotes to fit your funny situation during your daily life in an RV? Find some of the funny captions below. It is good to look for humor in unlikely places. It is always better than fretting over stupid things. Life becomes more fun and fulfilling in this way. 

  • RV life is the one you get for spending your money to live like homeless people! 
  • I live beyond societal rules! I am literally a rich homeless man who has an RV.
  • RV life is cool till you keep getting parking spaces for it. 
  • I don’t run away from life. I drive away in an RV.
  • I’ll write a letter to my home address from every new place I go in an RV! Damn, why didn’t I think of that before?
  • If you wanna see a place you have never seen, you need to take your RV to a place it never went.
  • I swear I only want to take my RV to a place called everywhere! I won’t stop till I find it. 
  • RV life is fun till you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere.