How to use Instagram Growth Marketing to Reach More Customers

Instagram growth marketing

Instagram is a great tool for nurturing client relationships. It is the #4th Most Active Social Media Platform worldwide.

This platform has opened doors for businesses to prosper and grow with low marketing budgets. With its focus on visual content, it is easy to engage and get one-on-one conversions. In fact, 25 million businesses are marketing their services/ products on Instagram nowadays.

instagram global advertising audience stats

90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account. Data Portal reported that advertisers reached 1.452 billion Instagram users in April 2022.

Why do you need an Instagram Growth Marketing strategy for your business?

Wondering how Instagram Growth Marketing can influence your business? What will it do for your business? To be honest, A LOT!!

Here are some reasons why you need to have a killer Instagram growth marketing strategy for your business:

1. It helps you reach your target audience

Users are mostly active on Instagram. You can randomly share your product with users who are not specifically looking for the same product.

2. It boosts traffic to your website

You can integrate Instagram with your WordPress website (if you have one) and get extra visitors to your site. Make sure to get WordPress support from a good team. They will help you to fix this without any errors and glitches.

3. It is a great platform for product display

As a business on Instagram, you can use this visual social media platform to grab the attention of potential buyers. You can show your product in detail from all angles. This will help the users understand your products better.

4. It helps you build brand trust

You can increase the confidence of the user in your brand.

5. It helps you increase your brand’s influence on buyers

Have you ever analyzed why brands target visual merchandising at their store? Well, it influences the visitors to make the purchase. Similarly, you can influence the purchasers through your business posts.

6. It helps you keep your followers updated

You can inform your followers about promotions, updates, and news.

7. It increases engagement with your followers

Through a proper Instagram growth marketing strategy, you can have good interaction.

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Instagram Growth Marketing Strategy (Actionable Insights)

Instagram is the best marketplace to display your products and hook users. It offers resilience for businesses with low marketing budgets. They can easily grow and prosper their business.

So, how can you use Instagram growth marketing to reach more customers? Read on to find out.

Modern buyers are seeking more apart from services or products. They look for the trust factors in the company and its staff.

Hence, make sure to post an elaborative story and tell your buyers what makes you special. This will bring life to your brand in the most engaging way.

Small-scale business sectors may not have big teams or budgets. But, they get the freedom to be flexible and try more things.

1. Switch to Business Profile

More than 25 billion businesses made valuable connections with their clients using Instagram business accounts. How? Well, it is because of the premium and engaging features of Instagram’s business profile.

In your Instagram business profile, you can

  • Understand the audience using Instagram insights
  • Open a store on Instagram
  • Use the posts on Instagram to reach wider users
  • Add your contact details in the Bio section

With Instagram’s business profile, you do not have to put much effort and time to understand what you do.

You must ensure to have a proper Bio section like Huda Beauty Shop. This brand has splendidly used all the features to engage the user.

Instagram Bio Example
Source: Huda-beauty Bio example

Here, Huda Beauty Shop has talked about its brand. They have shared the details, like where the consumers can shop for their products. They have included a powerful Call-To-Action that encourages the buyers to click their link.

An Instagram business account will provide you access to Insight. Using this, you can do a detailed study and know the preferences of your users.

It will help you to create content that your customers love and spark interest in your products and brand.

How to Sell on Instagram - ig audience

An example of Instagram Insights

2. Use Instagram Reels and Stories

It allows you to upload short videos. You can cut and edit the video on the Instagram app. You must create educational Instagram stories and reels. Repurpose your content with the latest trend. Create teasers to showcase the product.

Us GenZ user forecast

Even though TikTok leads the show still Instagram stories and reels are the best way to reach your audience quickly. This Instagram growth marketing strategy will allow you to engage Instagram users.

3. Instagram Shopping Set up

Instagram is a visual photo-sharing app. 44% of users spend and shop on this platform. Hence, creating and setting up an Instagram shop is a wise idea. Instagram offers a set of features. This will help Instagram shoppers to purchase directly on the platform.

For instance, Cluse- A jewelry and watch brand from Amsterdam has optimized its Instagram profile. It has all the relevant details such as Instagram Story Highlights that cover and showcase their products.

Instagram Shopping set up example

With your brand’s visual content you can improve the shopping experience of Instagrammers.

4. Turn your Instagram account into Storefront

Well-designed storefronts are a great boon for eCommerce businesses. To allure the audience, you need to create creative Instagram feeds. The visuals of your product must be eye-catching. This will grab the attention and influence the buyers. Also, ensure that you cover all the details about the collection of your product.

Make sure to add hashtags to your Bio Sections, Stories, and captions. You can teach your potential purchasers easily. It will also encourage your fans to craft user-generated content. They can even repost your content to their main feed.

Other Instagram growth marketing strategies to allure the audience

  • Posting client testimonials
  • Giving the best client support on Instagram
  • Sharing discounts and offer
  • Running Instagram Ad campaigns
  • Working with Instagram influencers

Final Note

Instagram is a fantabulous tool of visual marketing for businesses to promote and reach audiences. This platform has an abundance of eCommerce-friendly features that improve the online experience of the shoppers.

Leading businesses like Lacoste or Nike have spread their wings in the Instagram market. But it is never too late for the aspiring business to use Instagram growth marketing to reach more customers. With the right approach, you can do great in the market.

We hope that these Instagram growth marketing strategies can help you with successful business adventures. Wish you great success and good luck!!

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