Lucki Lyrics For Instagram Captions

Lucki Lyrics For Instagram Captions

Lucki Camel Jr., better known by his stage name LUCKI, is a rising star in the world of hip-hop, and his lyrical prowess has taken the music scene by storm. Born on May 30, 1996, in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois, Lucki has consistently impressed fans and critics alike with his unique blend of introspective lyrics, raw storytelling, and captivating beats. As his music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, it’s no surprise that his songs are becoming the go-to choice for those seeking the perfect Instagram captions.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Lucki lyrics, exploring how his verses provide the ideal backdrop for your social media posts, allowing you to express yourself with depth and style. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, relatability, or simply a touch of urban flair, Lucki’s lyrics are here to elevate your Instagram game.

Lucki Lyrics Captions

  • I’m in Magic City with the racks, not a cape
  • Pretty girl scared when she see me sleep
  • I drove a hot Hellcat to Detroit, East side bitch say she see it everyday
  • Cartier frames gon’ hide my high, G63 got me feeling like Faith
  • Niggas be getting high all ’cause of you, you ain’t even want that type of influence
  • Almighty So, bitch blew my high, folks get money off road like a range
  • Touch they soul, they give me the key, I got it hangin’ from my belt, ooh
  • Girl, you seen the news, we ain’t goin’ on dates
  • Told her ‘You don’t know me either’
  • But Tune, you be speaking your soul through music
  • I’ma spend your cheap-ass chain on drank
  • Where all this money gon’ go if I die? This bitch think her Percs is safe
  • She don’t want me to leave her, but I do bad all by myself
  • Almighty So, bitch blew my high, I got a few more yerks anyway
  • Chicago bitch don’t let me get high, well, you need to stay your ass out of LA
  • Just for right now, don’t know you in public, ayy
  • In a nightgown, Satan and her sister, ayy
  • She’s a Sprite gal, I’m stuck on purple kisses, ayy
  • My ho love Xans’ like them Broward bitches, ayy
  • Bitch, get off the past, mad ’bout what we didn’t, ayy
  • Don’t you love me? Baby, don’t you love me? Ayy
  • I sip Hi-Tech, my juice sweet like bubbly, ayy

Lucki Song Lyrics Captions

  • Must be a X on my chest, ayy
  • Can’t sip Sprite with the Hi-Tech
  • No seal, no deal my motto
  • Do you see a X on my chest?
  • That’s easy to me, I done this
  • I don’t even think I’m high yet
  • LA ho take my breath
  • I should’ve died but not yet
  • Leave with her, fake my death
  • Xan’ flights, I’m switchin’ timezone
  • I don’t even greet no dumb bitch
  • Too much X lock my chest
  • I got Google, I don’t need your advice
  • More of a slide than a hallway
  • You ain’t seen what I seen
  • It’s a stride through a hole in the wall in a crawl space
  • I’m Tom Brady ’03, ’07
  • Just a mission, no decision
  • I know you feel it
  • More of a hive than a hiding place
  • You ain’t been where I been
  • I got the world in my hand with some dice
  • Been driving all in my pivot
  • The banana peels falling your way

Lucki Song Captions

  • Miss her and her friend, I need that again, ayy, ayy
  • All this money on lean, should’ve been a VVS
  • You too good to be true, you like Actavis, ayy, yeah
  • I chuck B’s in the SRT like I’m with Nudy and ’em
  • Ayy, I see what you want from me, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, yo
  • Too good to be true, you like Actavis, uh, ayy
  • Ayy, miss her and her, uh, yo, yo, yo, yo
  • Perc 30 with my Sprite, yeah, that Sprite my medicine
  • Yo, ayy, ayy, miss her and her friend, I need that again
  • Play me like a fool, but you’ll be back again, yeah
  • Ayy, I see what you want from me, ayy, ayy, yeah
  • Four in the twenty ounce, drowning me
  • My ex be fans of me
  • ‘Cause her boyfriend watch my story, creep
  • Everywhere I go, they abandon me
  • Ayy, my priorities
  • ‘Cause I nod off all on the Florida beach
  • Two months ago, couldn’t stand lil’ me
  • But she like Porsche when she go the speed
  • Ayy, tell ’em quit playing with me
  • So high, gotta look for the keys
  • Now everywhere I go, cameras be
  • Ayy, act accordingly
  • With the Lambo’ trucks and the Florida seats
  • I’m in the Low End randomly
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Lucki Instagram Captions

  • Pick me up, pick me up
  • I don’t wanna leave and it’s you or I
  • Ayy, ayy, woah, ayy, woah, ayy, a—
  • Baby, this the life I chosen
  • Do you want a demon or rude boy?
  • I don’t trust no one, I’m the only one like me
  • Maybe it’s the life I chosen
  • Let me out, let me out
  • I can make it look like suicide
  • Fixing up myself, I’m broken
  • Ayy, let me go, ayy, let me go
  • Rock star life, might just make it
  • I don’t need another, but I’ll take it
  • Zoom-zoom, zoom, zoom
  • I dropped out of school, I don’t think them rules for me
  • Ayy, I can do what I want like a cartoon
  • My lil’ shawty say, “Got me,” when it pop on
  • Baby, meet the real me, just hold on
  • I sip Hi-Tech like a vampire
  • You be doin’ what I want, what a star troop
  • I’m sick of the hurting when it’s my wrong
  • Why you so out of touch with life? Ayy, woah, ayy, ayy, ayy
  • In Chicago, rappers’ bitches in his iPhone
  • I can’t be lying to y’all type shit, haha
  • She know I’m dirty but it’s my phone
  • You can talk that shit if it last long
  • I do what I please and you should too

Lucki Lyrics Quotes

  • Ayy, me
  • Pull the lever, the seats is leather
  • For my brothers, I got they mothers, won’t break their heart
  • Ayy, who do it? Who do it? Uh, yo, ooh, ayy
  • Dodging feds, no fairytale, but I wish for better
  • Who do it better? In sunny weather, I keep my head up
  • Who do it better?
  • Ayy, ooh, ooh, ooh, ayy, ayy, ayy
  • ‘Cause I let her, she in these pockets, because I let her, ha-ha
  • It’s for the better, they brought me down, but it’s for the better
  • Who do it better, uh, than me? Oh
  • Ayy, woah, for the, uh, yeah, uh, uh, ayy
  • Pull the lever, the seats is, uh
  • Secure the piece


Lucki’s lyrics offer a unique and authentic way to enhance your Instagram captions. His storytelling abilities, combined with his distinct style, provide a fresh and relatable perspective for your social media posts.

Whether you’re looking to share personal experiences, express emotions, or simply add a touch of urban sophistication to your captions, Lucki’s words have you covered. As a talented artist hailing from the heart of Chicago, his music brings a genuine and raw authenticity that can resonate with a wide range of Instagram users.

So, the next time you’re in need of a captivating caption, consider turning to Lucki’s lyrics for that extra dash of flair and meaning.