Teddy Day Captions and Quotes for Instagram

One of my favorite days in Valentine’s week is Teddy Day. This is the day when lovers gift teddy bears to each other as a symbol of care and love for their partners. While the day in itself is special, you can make it more so by sharing teddy bear pictures on Instagram and tagging your significant other. Here are some caption ideas to get you started.

And, if you are looking for captions for specific day of the Valentine’s week, we’ve got you covered for that as well. Check out these collections and let us know what you think.

Short Teddy Day Captions

These short teddy day captions are simply awesome. Use them as they are or use them as inspiration to create your own.

  • The perfect day for a bear hug. Happy Teddy Day!
  • If he’s been a bear all year, treat him to something special on Teddy Day. 
  • Teddy day 💛 🐻 🎁
  • What’s your favorite part about teddy day? 🥰🎁
  • You’re all mine. Happy Teddy Day, Teddy Bear!
  • Teddy is my bae, don’t try to deny it. 
  • Everyone’s looking for a little #TeddyDay romance.

Short Teddy Day Captions and quotes

  • This teddy bear is about to make your day a little more special.
  • Teddy Day is near and so are you. 🐻
  • Happy teddy day 💞
  • Hey Girl, you’re too cute for words 💕
  • Love is in the air. Happy Teddy Day! 💕
  • Nothing’s more romantic than a teddy bear that you can cuddle with all night long 😍

Funny Teddy Day Captions

Teddy Day can be one of the most interesting days in Valentine’s week. If you care about your partner, you simply can’t miss gifting a teddy bear to your partner. You can also share the pictures of teddy bears on IG and wish a happy teddy day to your partner. Here are the captions that you can use with your pictures.

  • This is the day we’ve been waiting for. It’s Teddy Day! 🎁
  • When you’re a teddy bear, everyone wants to hug you 😘 #teddyday
  • Now that’s a cute teddy!
  • I want to snuggle with you. 🐻
  • The cutest day of the year is finally here! 
  • The greatest gift of all is love. Love yourself ❤️ #teddyday
  • Want to be my teddy bear? #teddybear
  • A girl is never too old to play with teddy bears.
  • We don’t need any special occasion to spoil you. You’re special every day!
  • Teddy bears are the best.
  • Surprise! Happy Teddy Day to my favorite teddy bear. 🐻 💕
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Happy Teddy Day Captions

Teddy bears are a symbol of affection and love. When you gift someone a teddy, you don’t just make them feel special, it becomes something that they can’t get enough of. It adds more happiness to the person’s life and makes them feel that they are cared for. It becomes a hugging pillow for some people. I know some of you can very well relate to what we are saying. So, if you want to make your special someone happy, gift them a teddy and tag them with these Teddy Day captions and quotes.

  • I wish to be your teddy bear, always by your side with you holding me tight.
  • Let the cuteness be overloaded. Its Teddy Day!
  • Its Teddy Bear Day and I need someone to hug and cuddle.
  • Having a teddy bear doesn’t mean you are immature, sometimes they are the only ones, that don’t laugh when you cry.
  • A cute teddy bear, to my cute friend, on a cute occasion, just to say. Happy Teddy Bear Day!
  • Everything in life I share, except of course my teddy bear!
  • But people who really know me, know that I am not a bad boy at heart. I am just a big teddy bear.
  • I miss the days when all it took to make me feel better was my teddy bear!
  • Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy the next best thing – a teddy bear. Happy Teddy Bear Day!
  • To my cutest cuddly girlfriend, this teddy bear is a sign that you are mine now and forever.
  • In this extraordinary Valentine week, on this exceptional Teddy Day, I need to admit my love for you. There never was, there never will be another you! Happy Teddy Day!

Romantic Teddy Day Captions

Let this teddy day be one of the best days this Valentine’s week. Make sure to use these captions to make your pictures all the more interesting. 

  • A special day deserves a special hug. Happy Teddy Day.
  • Happy #teddyday to the love of my life. 💟 🥰
  • #TeddyDay is the perfect day to say I love you.
  • We’ve got the perfect gift for your special someone this Teddy Day.
  • The best part of falling in love is that it never ends. #RomanticTeddyDay
  • Be my teddy bear, I’ll be your teddy bear too. 😙🐻
  • What better way to celebrate Teddy Day than with a cuddly teddy bear. #TeddyDay
  • Teddy bears are even cuter when they’re holding a bunch of flowers #TeddyDay
  • Who needs a teddy bear when you’ve got your person? 🐻 💘
  • Be My Teddy Bear.
  • It’s Teddy Day and I’m in love. 💗