Ice Spice Lyrics For Instagram Captions

Ice Spice Lyrics For Instagram Captions

Rising rap sensation Ice Spice is taking over social media with her catchy songs and bold attitude. The Gen Z rapper from the Bronx has become a popular phenom thanks to her hit single “Munch (Feelin’ U).” With her luxurious lyrics and boss persona, Ice Spice embodies young women stepping into their power. 

As her meteoric career takes off, Ice Spice’s unapologetic lyrics are becoming the perfect captions for Instagram and TikTok posts. Her quotable bars on confidence, independence, and self-love resonate with young fans. When you need a caption that’s equal parts sassy, saucy, and savage, Ice Spice has you covered. 

So if you want your Instagram game to be as fiery as your selfies and outfit pics, look no further than Ice Spice’s empowering lyrics. Whether you’re posting a fierce photo dump or a cute candid shot, Ice Spice’s words will give your captions that extra pop. From dissing haters to embracing your flaws, Ice Spice’s catchy quotes have something for every post. Upgrade your social media style with captions straight from the Ice Queen herself.

Ice Spice Lyrics Captions

  • Bitch, I’m a baddie, I get what I want, like
  • How can I link you when I got a shoot?
  • You thought I was feelin you?
  • Ass too fat, can’t fit in no jeans
  • You thought I was feelin’ you?
  • Bitches ain’t bad, let’s keep it a bean
  • Don’t want your love, I just want the blue
  • Swing on that bitch, like a hammock
  • He see me in person and panic
  • Thought you knew I was a bully
  • Bitch, I am the one, so how can I lose?
  • Can it choose, no lovin’ a smooch
  • You did me dirt
  • But you was my heart so I let you
  • After all that, you shoulda told me
  • They shoulda named me pressure

Ice Spice Concert Captions

  • In the party, he just wanna rump
  • And he packin’, I know by his pants
  • Pretty bitch but I came from the gutter
  • Like a million views in a day
  • Like, damn, she in her mood
  • She lit, get money too
  • Pretty face and the waist all gone
  • Bitches too borin’, got ’em stuck in a rut
  • Wait, hold on
  • He eatin’ it up, kitty on water, he beatin’ it up
  • Only around me when it’s beneficial
  • Don’t wear the shoe if the shoe doesn’t fit you
  • Throwin’ it back, put it right in his face
  • He the bank and I’m makin’ him chase
  • No, you cannot have your boo back
  • If I’m shootin’ my shoot, he gon’ shoot back
  • I’m on his head like a durag
  • Body too crazy, they all on my body, like
  • Shittin’ on bitches my hobby

Ice Spice Song Lyrics Captions

  • He want the WAP, but I just want the fetty
  • Feelin’ a smooch, and I’m showin’ my coochie
  • Bussin’ that pack, goin’ straight to the moon
  • She shake it like jelly, damn, damn
  • Baddest lil’ bitch from my block
  • Too much to lose, so I cannot react
  • I’m not a regular artist, grrah, grrah
  • Passenger princess, he pass me his knock
  • If you ain’t cookin’, then get off the pot
  • Damn, you was my heart, you a stranger
  • Let’s go
  • You a stranger, I feel like shit changed
  • In the end that I know that I’m good
  • Goin’ up, so I feel like they hate me
  • How you turn love into anger?
  • I’m what they want, so I got it, it’s coming
  • And he fiendin’, he know my name buzzin’
  • Understand that I’m misunderstood
  • But she cannot face me
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Ice Spice Song Captions

  • Aren’t you envious that for you it’s not?
  • Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend
  • Karma is a fire in your house
  • Step by step, from town to town
  • Karma’s gonna hold you down
  • Sweet like honey, karma is a cat
  • Flexing like a goddamn acrobat
  • ‘Cause karma is the thunder
  • Purring in my lap ’cause it loves me
  • Ask me why so many fade, but I’m still here
  • Climbin’ up the ranks on your own could get rocky
  • He like, “Na-na-na-na, I just want us to make up”
  • Let me get my strap, and I hit her like, “Bink”
  • When I found out, I was feelin’ wocky
  • I’m a baddie, but I got feelings too
  • Missin’ when we was laid up, I’m busy chasin’ the paper
  • Wanna see me fall is a mad bitch kink
  • And I know his fears, but he never met mine
  • How you mad I do less, ’cause you gotta do more?
  • So I’m most grateful, your highness, and now we poppin’ them ciders

Ice Spice Instagram Captions

  • Tryna be low, he gon’ hit up my ‘Gram
  • Bitches slow, so I give ’em a pass
  • Lookin’ at me like who bigger than she?
  • Thinkin’ you bigger, they got ya head gassed
  • They be chattin’, I don’t give a damn and I’m still gettin’ money, I know who I am
  • And I just fell in love with a gangsta
  • Makin’ it rain
  • Like, grrah, keep it a stack
  • Takin’ ya boo, makin’ it move
  • In the hood I’m like Princess Diana
  • She a baddie ’cause she got the jatt’
  • Walk through and they start goin’ ku
  • Like damn, showin’ my thong, no, we not fuckin’
  • I’m a player, you know I’ma score
  • Thought you ain’t like me, now you on my body
  • Where she at? On the floor
  • Cuffin’ no thottie
  • It’s a house sittin’ up on my neck
  • She fly with a butterfly tat’
  • First they was hatin’, now I’m on the board

Ice Spice Lyrics Quotes

  • How can I lose if I’m already chose? Like
  • Look in the mirror, I’m feelin’ me
  • Bitches down bad, they be on my ass
  • Nigga fiendin’, gotta play it cool
  • Stackin’ money where the ceilin’ be
  • Bitches won’t bark, but they wanna bite
  • Ass on fat with the waist on sleek
  • He like the way that I dress
  • The baddest in the room
  • Ayo, baddie, what it do?


Ice Spice is proving she’s the real deal with her unique flow and boss lyrics. As the up-and-coming rapper continues making waves in the hip hop world, there’s no doubt her quotable song lines will remain a top choice for Instagram captions.

Whether you’re looking for something sassy, funny, or heartfelt, Ice Spice’s relatable words have you covered. Her lyrics on confidence, resilience, and being true to yourself perfectly capture the attitude you want to display online.

So next time you need some caption inspiration for your Insta pics and TikToks, look no further than the Ice Queen herself. Use these creative Ice Spice lyrics to give your posts that extra pop. Let her bold style and catchy puns take your Instagram game to the next level. Pair these inspirational quotes with your favorite photos to give your profile an undeniable flair.