Moneybagg Yo Lyrics For Instagram Captions

Moneybagg Yo Lyrics For Instagram Captions

Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo has been dominating the Billboard charts with his direct, no-nonsense brand of hip hop. With blunt lyrics touching on relationships, luxury goods, and his lavish lifestyle, Moneybagg Yo’s songs are ripe for standout Instagram captions. In fact, Moneybagg Yo’s quotable one-liners and braggadocious verses seem tailored made for flexing on the ‘gram. For those looking to add some urban flavor to their Instagram posts, we’ve compiled some of the best Moneybagg Yo lyrics for captivating captions.

Whether you want to flaunt your romance, showcase a flashy purchase, or just share a bit of your confidence, these Moneybagg Yo-inspired Instagram captions will make your feed pop. Keep reading for the hottest Moneybagg Yo lyric captions to take your Instagram game to the next level.

Moneybagg Yo Lyrics Captions

  • Hellcat, this a SRT
  • I thought somebody said, ‘That’s your wifey, dawg
  • I two-toned the Maybach, my seats Ronald Reagan
  • Pneumonia pink diamonds, got the corona
  • Bagg, where the Runtz at? (Huh?) Know you got it on you
  • Confident, I’m not cocky, so get it right
  • Trippin’ too close to fallin’ so I’m ballin’
  • Cut her off ’cause she spoke on the business
  • Shawty constantly hittin’ up the phone
  • Cash money like I’m Slim
  • I’m tryna run up my M’s for real
  • Got my Charger whip ajudicated
  • Quarter million dollars on the Benz
  • My dawg be strapped to a pole
  • Audemar Piguet wet
  • Me and my dawg, We gave ’em two in a row
  • Make sure my dawg don’t turn out to a mutt
  • Eat ’em up, call that dog food
  • Haters, I don’t even see ’em
  • Yeah I’m on my way, but I can’t stay
  • Bust a nut then poured a four
  • Don’t step too hard, I’ma sic him

Moneybagg Yo Song Lyrics Captions

  • Rappers with their mixed feelings
  • Luckily, I was on point with the last ho, kept my receipts
  • Karate’d the Wocky, tryna kick the cup
  • I thought a ho that be speakin’ on me
  • Bag, where the Runtz at? Know you got it on you
  • I Lambo’d her life, told her, “Get out that Range”
  • Trippin’ too close to fallin’, so I’m ballin’
  • Cut her off ’cause she spoke on the business
  • My downfall what they wishin
  • I got the hiccups that’s why I’m jumpin
  • Im rockin zippers like I played in Thriller
  • I got red bottoms I got real Gucci rockin Faragamo in December
  • I’m cold enough cut the fan off
  • 30 round make em back up off me
  • I just broke a head I was rushin
  • Ran off on the plug. Now I got the jug
  • I got rappers trynna diss me
  • Had money before CMG
  • I’m from the streets so I’m cautious

Moneybagg Yo Song Captions

  • I’m sittin’ here knowing I don’t need ya pouring O’s in the liter
  • Taste like candy, sweet like fruit
  • I gotta stop it, I must stop it
  • Ring around the rose-z, cup full of OZ’s
  • Money can’t buy happiness but she found love inside a G
  • Withdrawals, I’m feelin’ different, every day I need a dose
  • Watch me put my heart in this cup
  • Turn me to that purple demon emoji
  • Can’t get tricked out this shit, some years ago I was just poor
  • Jumped in the game with no feelings, still ain’t got love for n*ggas
  • Hard to stay focus at the same time handle this smoke
  • They talk about you when you got a name
  • Killed my lil’ dawg and that sh*t broke my heart
  • Pockets fat, my dreads nappy
  • Spent yours impressin’ hoes, now you ain’t got sh*t to show for it
  • I rather pull off in a foreign and leave ’em in the past
  • Stand on my ten everywhere I go
  • You probably heard that money changed him, he just make it look good
  • They gon’ talk about you whether you doin’ good or bad
  • Ice on me like glaciers, light up like a strip in Vegas
  • Once I get my word, then it’s overstood
  • Renamed and orchestrated the brand, they tried to infiltrate
  • Even if you tired, ayy
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Moneybagg Yo Instagram Captions

  • I just came home with nothin’
  • Runnin’ through hoes like a running back
  • I can’t be drivin’ no regular cars
  • I’m pullin’ her hair while I dig in her
  • Now I’m up all of a sudden
  • Give me a load, I ain’t comin’ back
  • Left the spot with a dub on me
  • Moneybagg, Moneybagg
  • Know that shit gon’ be hot, it got my name on this chronic
  • Dressin’ snazzy, talkin’ country, got her hooked on phonics
  • Finger itchin’, tryna hit somethin’ with that switch
  • Yeah, park the Rolls truck
  • She wake up and munch it
  • I’m celebratin’ what I accomplished, I’ma pop it constantly
  • Let me pull your hair, take off that bonnet

Moneybagg Yo Lyrics Quotes

  • Let’s take it back to remind us
  • You need to put that aside
  • Let’s keep the pride to the side
  • We act like we don’t wanna talk to each other
  • Let’s go where they can’t even find us
  • You need to stop all that bullshit
  • You got too much of that pride
  • Tired of lookin like a fool
  • Hate when business get personal, pay the standard fee
  • I go, except for the barber, it’s bulletproof, three-hundred thou’
  • When I say quickie, let’s hurry up, that mean I’m in a rush
  • Damn, she right, gettin’ head right now, thank God these windows tinted
  • Your advice on what I spent is what I didn’t need
  • She like “I know you’ve seen me call, why you bein’ weird to me?”
  • Treat that pussy like Plain Jane, you know that I’m finna bust you down, baby
  • That’s my favorite drink, take a sip with me
  • Rappers think soon as we meet, they get a verse for free
  • This one here hit different, one of them eighteen watts from Prestine
  • ANW, soda cream, I mix mine with codeine
  • Racks identical, come get you some, it’s plentiful


With his vivid lyrics and punchy delivery, Moneybagg Yo has given us no shortage of caption-worthy lines. His songs about relationship drama, luxurious living, and self-confidence provide plenty of material to spice up your Instagram posts.

Whether you want to post a glamorous selfie, gush about bae, or just share a clever quote, Moneybagg’s gritty lyrics can take your caption game to the next level. So next time you’re looking to add some urban flair to your Instagram, turn to Moneybagg Yo’s catalog for the perfect lyrical caption. From his breakout mixtape to latest album, Moneybagg Yo’s Instagram-ready verses will definitely get you noticed.