Prateek Kuhad Lyrics for Instagram Captions

Prateek Kuhad is a singer who has gained a lot of fame over the years because of his soulful voice and lyrics that touch the heart.

He fell in love with music while in his teens. At 18, he started composing his own songs. His first major break as a songwriter came with his song Raat Raazi.

If you are like me, you’ll agree that his lyrics are perfect for Instagram captions. There is something about his songs that melts your heart instantly.

To make it easy for you, I’ve collected the best lyrics from his songs that you can simply copy and paste straight into your Instagram post. These Prateek Kuhad lyrics for Instagram captions will inspire you to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it!

Prateek Kuhad Lyrics Captions [Hindi]

1. Yeh manzilein humse khafa thi

In par chayio si bewafa thi

Baahon mein ab khoyi hain raatein

Haathon mein khuli hain yeh shaamein

Yeh subha hai nayi

Hum hain chalein raahein yahin

2. Tere hawale hai yeh zindagi meri

Tere ujale se sab raahe hain yaha

3. Saansein meri ab befikar hain

Dil mein base kaise yeh pal hain

Naghmein khile hain ab saare

Pairon tale hain mashalein

Thamm gayi hai zameen

Hum hain chalein raahein yahin

Prateek kuhad lyrics for instagram captions

4. Tere hawale hai yeh zindagi meri

Tere ujale se sab raahe hain yaha

5. Apne naseeb ka mai badshah nahi

Tu meri shaam hain Tu hi meri subah

6. Teri Sanson Ki Raat Hai,

Teri Honton Ki Hai Subha

7. Tum jab paas aati ho

Palko se muskurati ho

8. Labon pe jo bhi ho

Keh bhi do thehra hoon main

9. Meri khwabo ko banaaye jo

Meri haqeekat ko sajaaye jo

10. Andhere ka ye jaal hai

Ya saanjh ki ye chaal hai

11. “Tere hawale hai zindagi meri, tere ujaale se sab rahein hai yahan. Apne naseeb ka main badshah nahi, tu meri shaam hai, tu hi meri subah. Tune kahan, maine sun liya…”

12. “Kho jaane ki zid na karo; khwahish hai ye dil ki. Raahon ko nazar mein rakho, main bhi toh laut aaunga… hawaon sa gungunaunga.”

13. “Yeh khwahishon ki raat hai, tera guroor maaf hai. Chand ko bhi naaz hai, tu kaun hai yeh raaz hai…”

14. “Soh gayi hai yeh saansein sabhi, adhoori si hai kahaani meri. Phisal jaaye toh bhi toh darr na koyi, ruk jaane ki zaroorat nahi.”

15. “Iss dil ki aadat yahi hai, gir kar sambhalta nahi hai… zaalim samajhta nahi hai ye koi zubaan… yeh dil beparwah.”

16. Haan main gumsum hoon, in rahon ki tarah, tere khwabon mein, teri khwahishon mein chupa. Na jaane kyun hai roz ka silsila…”

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Prateek Kuhad Lyrics Captions [English]

1. I wish I could leave you my love

But my heart is a mess

2. It was love before I even held your hand

It was love and I could tell that I was weak in the knees

3. Do you have a 100 words for me?

‘Cause I have only three

4. How did you perceive me

How did you complete me

prateek kuhad lyrics captions

5. “My days, they begin with your name and nights end with your breath.”

6. “Can you see how I refrain from letting you in again? Can you see how I feel? I’m not whole, I’m not clean.”

7. “We grew with the town, we laughed and we frowned. Our eyes withdrew but our hearts were bold and free.”

8. “I did pause, I did stay. I did fall, I did care… And so I beg you for your time and you hold my silence in your truth.”