Video Call Captions for Instagram

Video Call Captions For Instagram

Video calls with friends are special. We all love to screenshot our video calls with friends and special people. It is something that makes the moment even more special. 

If you are looking for the perfect captions to use with your screenshots of calls, you have come to the right place. Here is a collection of the best captions for all your video call screenshot pictures. You can also use them as status for WhatsApp. Hope you find the best one for your picture.

Quarantine video call captions

  • The best time pass of my quarantine is video call with friends.
  • Quarantine video calls are not just calls, it’s a whole package of fun and chill.
  • My day never ends without a video call.
  • Quarantine video calls are the new way of chilling with buddies.

quarantine video call captions

  • My day starts with a zoom call and ends with a WhatsApp video call.
  • The best way of killing boredom of quarantine is video call.
  • Separated by quarantine, united in video calls.
  • My quarantine video call ends when my data expires.

Caption for call screenshot

  • Every time is temporary in this world except screenshotting your call with friends.
  • Everyone has a friend who screenshots your ugly face during the call.
  • I don’t believe the time in the call history, I believe in your call screenshot.
  • The best candids are the video call screenshots.

video call screenshot captions

  • Every call screenshots have a memorable story.
  • My phone storage is filled with call screenshots rather than selfies.
  • Call screenshots are the new way of capturing memories.
  • You can call me crazy but I always screenshot my important call.

Caption for voice call screenshot with best friend

  • Best friends don’t need time for voice calls.
  • The longer is the time of the call, the stronger is the relationship.
  • A screenshot of long time call with best friend always becomes the WhatsApp status of both.
  • Capturing the memories by taking screenshots.
  • Exam syllabus are often discussed in a voice call with best friend.
  • A group of four friends in a voice call is the best.
  • A true best friend always argues to cut the voice call after the long talk.
  • The best memories are kept in a form of screenshots.
  • Every best friend scolds you in the voice call whenever you were absent in the class.

Caption for voice call screenshot with boyfriend

  • Late nights voice call with boyfriend while raining is the best combination.
  • I always screenshot the time while you fall asleep in a voice call.
  • Boyfriends become romantic in late night voice call.
  • The whispers in a late night voice call are romantic, screenshot them to make it memorable. 
  • Long distance relationship only hopes are voice calls and video calls.
  • Capturing your beautiful moments.
  • Every call of yours brings a smile on my face.
  • Distance is just a word, when I hear your voice in the voice call

Caption for conference call with friends

  • Conference call with office staff is boring but with friends is just a pure joy.
  • In a group of three friends conference call, one friend is always roasted.
  • Stories never end in a conference call with friends
  • The feature of conference call make many unforgettable memories. 
  • Even noises become memories in a conference call with the closest ones.
  • The more the number of friends in conference call, the more is the happiness.
  • Conference call with friends is not just a call, its an emotion.
  • Happiness is conference calling with old friends.
  • Every trip is started with a conference call with friends.
  • Making memories in conference call.

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