Vaccine Captions for Instagram

Vaccine Captions for Instagram

Got jabbed with the vaccine for COVID-19? You surely want to post pictures of your vaccination day on Instagram and Facebook.

Share your excitement about getting vaccinated while inspiring others to get their doses too. Send your vaccine selfies and use these captions as inspiration.

Best Vaccine Captions

  • A single dose can save your life.
  • Take the vaccine, boost your immune.
  • Vaccine is the power to unite.
  • Covid, I don’t care I got my vaccine.
  • Your vaccine is your shield.
  • Thank the doctors for the vaccine.
  • We fight, we unite.
  • Vaccine is the life saviour.
  • Get your vaccine and be negative.
  • 2020’s lockdown without vaccine, 2021’s lockdown with vaccine.
  • Nothing lasts forever.
  • Begin the fight with vaccine.
  • Recharge your immune with the vaccine.
  • Self care is the best care.
  • Eagerly waiting for no mask days.
  • Vaccine is not just a word it’s an emotion nowadays.

Vaccine Selfie Captions

  • Current status, ‘got vaccinated’.
  • Got injected.
  • Life is precious, protect it with the vaccine.
  • Got my slot.
  • Dozed up.
  • Vaccine is the new self care.
  • Got injected with covaxin.
  • Boosted my immune system.
  • Got injected twice.
  • No worries, got injected.
  • Received the second one too.
  • Nothing special but my vaccine today.
  • Dosed up with the vaccine.
  • Our gang just dosed up.

Got Vaccined Captions

  • Got vaccined.
  • Finally, got it.
  • I got it, when will you.
  • Got my first dose, now wake me up in the second one.
  • The struggle doesn’t matter, the results matter.
  • Nothing matters, only the vaccine matters.
  • Don’t come up until vaccinated.
  • Virus I don’t care, I got my vaccine.
  • Keep calm and just vaxxed up.
  • Got vaccinised, got inner peace.
  • Doesn’t matter whether its ‘Sputnik V’ or ‘Covaxin’, the matter is to get it soon.
  • Get it soon or get infected.
  • Oops! I feel scared of injection but got to get it as soon as possible.
  • Got vaccinated, its show time now.
  • Don’t be a fool, get a vaccine soon.
  • Be ready with your paracetamols after the vaccine.
  • Be bold, be vaccinised.
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Covid-19 Vaccine Captions

  • Declare this year as world war 3, the fight between the virus and the people.
  • My immune, my care.
  • No pain, only vaccine.
  • Why the virus should have all the fun?
  • Let’s stand together and support the doctors.
  • Eat, sleep, fight with the virus and repeat.
  • Don’t let your oxygen level come below 90.
  • Stay strong, fear less, get the vaccine.
  • Stay safe, stay indoors.
  • Slots booked, ready to go.
  • Do good, be good.
  • Got to go, I have my second dose today.
  • First dose makes your immune strong and the second makes you fight with the virus.
  • Maintain distance even after the vaccine.
  • Fresh day, fresh start.
  • Eat healthy, do healthy, be healthy.
  • Power to covid worriers.
  • Time passes so shall the virus.
  • Donate plasma, save lives.
  • Life is unpredictable, booking slots in movie theatres ended up booking slots for the vaccine.

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