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Best Cheese Captions and Quotes for Instagram

If you’re a cheese connoisseur who’s caught your cheese-eating experiences in images, you can share them on Instagram and get additional likes.

This collection of captions and statements about cheese has been compiled for your enjoyment.

Cute Cheese Captions

This section contains a collection of cute cheese captions for your Instagram photos.

  • The cheesier, the better.
  • The Senator from Vermont Cheddar
  • Here are my favorite cheese puns for every circumstance.
  • Teleme more, teleme more, did he get very far?
  • Be like cheese (or bacon), and make everything you touch better.
  • Cheese improves the flavor of life.
  • Smoked ’em if you got ’em.
  • Life is too short for fake butter, cheese, or people.
  • Why not?
  • Do the Munster Mash
  • Deliciously cheesy.
  • I CHEDDAR the world.
  • Proud to be an American Cheese
  • Mozzarella lost her glass slipper
  • When all else fails, CHEESE.
  • What music does cheese listen to? R & Brie.
  • Never felt cheddar!
  • I’ll get a-rind to it.
  • Frankly my dear, I don’t give edam.
  • Sweet dreams are made of cheese.
  • This may be cheesy, but I think you’re great.

Best Cheese Captions

To go along with your fantastic cheese images, some of the best cheese captions have been made. To get an understanding of what I’m talking about, check at the list of captions.

  • I ate so much cheese I have to Leyden.
  • Y’all gon’ make me lose my rind up in here, up in here
  • Kate Mossfield
  • It’s a long way to Tipperary Brie
  • Thank you dairy much.
  • I love hip hop and R&B music.
  • We eat sausage and cheese in Germany as a wurst kase scenario.
  • I never kiss Emmental.
  • A bushel and a pecorino
  • Just try me, I daru.
  • Hit the road, Monterrey Jack.
  • Comte as you are
  • You’re piment-ed.
  • Just in cais.
  • Sperrin me.
  • She’s quark-y.
  • Makes my blood curdle.
  • She could be a cheese farmer in those clothes.
  • I have a Danish Blue Christmas without you.
  • Behind the Velveeta Rope
  • Truth or dare?
  • I love you, queso didn’t know it.
  • The physics professor taught string cheese theory.
  • It’s so delicious I’m doolin.

Short Captions For Cheese

Here are a couple of short captions to go along with your cheese shots. Take a look at them.

  • The tummy treat!
  • Immortal taste.
  • Greatest thing ever!
  • Always in style.
  • Molten goodness.
  • Uplifts the mood.
  • The stronger, the better!
  • For the love of cheese!
  • Rich, smooth, and distinctive.
  • A punch to the palate.
  • Smiling extra big.
  • The ultimate comfort food.
  • Addicted to cheese.
  • Milk’s leap towards immortality.
  • Made from real milk.
  • Stringy, not mingy.
  • Sounds cheesy to me.
  • Corpse of milk gone good.
  • Keep it cheesy.
  • Everything’s better with cheese.
  • Grab the queso!
  • Cheese please.
  • Best flavor enhancer!
  • My kind of addiction.
  • But first, cheese.
  • Sliced and diced!
  • One of life’s greatest pleasures.
  • Perfectly paired with every day.
  • Extra cheese, please!
  • Say cheese!
  • Putting pleasure first.
  • Aging like fine cheese.
  • Makes meals legendary.
  • Oozing with appeal!
  • Gooey and oozy.
  • No cheese, no squeeze.
  • Cheese-licious goodness!
  • Stay cheesy.
  • You belong in my tummy.
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Cheese Quotes

We’ve put up a list of the cheesiest chesse quotes to go with your photos. Take a look at some of the cheesiest cheese quotes you’ll ever come across.

  • Cakes are all the better when preceded by cheese.
  • Be quick to let go of your old cheese, for you shall soon find your new cheese.
  • Cheese is the ultimate comfort food whether it’s in the form of baked dishes, pizza, and pretty much everything else.
  • Anarchy and chaos mean eating the whole cheese including the rind.
  • Photographers have already shot too many photos of everything, except cheese.
  • Never commit yourself to cheese without carefully examining it first.
  • With many turns and holes, life is much like Swiss cheese.
  • Age only matters if you are cheese.
  • Whether it is consumed or said, cheese doesn’t fail to bring a smile to the face.
  • If it’s vacuum-sealed and no air is getting in, then don’t think too much of the “best before” date.
  • The secret ingredient is, and will always be, cheese.
  • Being in an awkward situation is heaps better than being in a cheese-less situation.
  • No matter how famous, wealthy, or successful you become, you’re never too good for grilled cheese.
  • Desserts should never go without cheese. Without it, one can only enjoy half the experience.
  • Life is great; cheese makes it better.
  • Mozzarella is actually Cinderella’s cheesier half-sister.
  • World peace can be attained by stirring cheddar, gouda, Monterey Jack, and Maytag into a gooey mess inside a hot golden pot.
  • No one in this world, apart from yourself, can prevent you from sneaking into the kitchen in the middle of the night to munch on a hunk of cheese.
  • Every kind of cheese reveals a meadow of a different shade of green under a different color of sky.
  • Good cheese needs good companions.
  • Movement in a new direction helps find new cheese.
  • If God didn’t want us to eat cheese, then why would he allow its existence?
  • Swiss cheese is always a neutral choice.
  • Melted cheese is an ingenious creation. It can veil even the most mediocre of flavors.
  • Cheese, wine, and friends must be old to be good.
  • Worry is today’s mouse eating tomorrow’s cheese.
  • The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
  • Working your way towards the cheese is the goal of the rat race.
  • Clever cats eat cheese and wait for unsuspecting rats with their bated breath.

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