Cool Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Cool Captions for Instagram

Do you want to grow your following on Instagram? Having the best pictures to share on IG is just one side of the story. You will need cool captions for Instagram if you really want to expand your following on Insta. Here is a collection of the best captions to show off your cool side on Insta. 

Cool captions for boys

One of the best things about being a boy is that you get to be cool and hip without getting judged all the time. This is apparent from the comments you get on pictures on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

If you are wondering what makes a picture interesting, let me tell you that it is not the picture in itself that gets all the attention. It is the caption below that differentiates your picture from others and makes people like or hate them. Here are some of the most interesting and cool captions for boys to use on pictures to be shared on social media.

  • Feeling cool as a cucumber. #cool #cucumber
  • Stay cool and keep it chill. #cool #chill
  • Cool, calm, and collected. #cool #calm
  • Just keeping it cool. #cool #relaxed
  • Feeling the cool vibes. #cool #vibes
  • Cool cats only. #cool #cats
  • Chilling with my cool crew. #cool #friends
  • Coolness runs in the family. #cool #family
  • Cool as ice. #cool #ice
  • Being cool is a state of mind. #cool #mindset
  • Feeling cool and confident. #cool #confidence
  • Cool under pressure. #cool #pressure
  • A cool breeze on a hot day. #cool #breeze
  • Stay cool, stay sharp. #cool #sharp
  • Looking cool and feeling good. #cool #feelinggood
  • Keeping it cool and stylish. #cool #style
  • Cool as a polar bear’s toenails. #cool #polarbear
  • Feeling cool, calm, and collected. #cool #calm
  • Cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce. #cool #cucumber
  • Cool like a mountain stream. #cool #mountainstream
  • Why be basic when you can be awesome?
  • I am what I am. I don’t need your opinion.
  • The day I was born is the day the world got its best gift.
  • Impressing me is a work in progress.
  • When everything seems broken, remember to carry a fevikwik.
  • I’m not here to make you smile. I’m here to make you LOL.
  • You have been the best person in my life next to me.
  • Is it always so cool around here or is it just me feeling this way?

Cool captions for boys

  • You can choose to be the best or you can choose to be just like the rest.
  • My days are just a reminder of how awesome my life is.
  • Things can never go wrong when you know you are right.
  • I was not this way always. Instagram made me what I am.
  • Fans are just for Instagram. Friends are for life!
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Cool captions for girls

When you share your beautiful pictures on Insta, obviously you want to get the likes coming. While beautiful images do get more likes, it is actually the captions that make the magic happen. Some pictures just go viral because of the caption. So, you have to make sure that you caption your pictures perfectly before posting them on your social media handles. Here are some of the best combinations of words that can be used as cool captions for girls who want to rule social media.

  • Getting attention is not my goal. It is my birthright.
  • When you stare at my picture, make sure your girlfriend is not behind you.
  • There are people who could kill to have a selfie with me. And here I’m…
  • That moment when you realize that you are not the most beautiful girl in the room.
  • Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder says the ugly trump.
  • I’m not a bitch. I’m a kickass lady.
  • Who cares for what is to happen tomorrow? I just live by the day.
  • There was not a moment in my life when I neglected you. You were always there for me just like this napkin.
  • To make you love me is not in my control. I can just make you smile with my stupidity. 
  • This is not who I’m. You wanna know me. Just follow me.
  • I’m not your girl next door to flirt with. I’m an angel you can never impress.
  • What happens on Instagram stays on Instagram!
  • To people who want to date me – did you like all my pictures?

Cool captions for friends

Friendship is not just about spending time with each other. It is about being with your friends through good and bad times. One of the best ways to keep your friendship memories alive is to take pictures and share them on your social media handles. Here are some of the perfectly crafted cool captions for friends that you can use to enjoy your friendship on social media.

  • What makes you want more fun when you have your friends around!
  • There are people you want to live your life with and then there are people who are your life!
  • The people who really care about your happiness are your friends.
  • You can call me crazy. I don’t mind. But, when it comes to my friends, watch what comes out of your mouth.

Cool captions for friends

  • Friendship becomes a celebration when you have the right people around you.
  • That moment when your friends are having fun and you’re sick AF… 
  • To make a friend is a matter of time. To keep a friendship is a matter of pride.
  • What makes friends special is not their love and care for you but their presence in all hardships and celebrations of life.
  • I’ve the “coolest” friends in the world. You could keep some of them in your refrigerator.
  • My squad is my pride. I can do anything for these guys.

Those were some of the best cool captions for Instagram and other social media platforms. Hope you like them. You can share your ideas with us if you have any. We’ll make sure to include them in this post.

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