Mojito Instagram Captions to Try This Summer

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing mojito to cool you down on a hot summer day. The perfectly blended sweet and minty flavors, paired with a kick of rum and zesty lime, make it one of the most delightfully satisfying cocktails around. Capturing that feeling to share on Instagram is definitely caption-worthy.

Whether you’re sipping a mojito poolside, enjoying one on a tropical vacation, or relaxing on the patio with friends, finding just the right Instagram caption is key to setting the vibe. A clever or punny mojito-themed caption can give your pics some extra flair and get people thirsting for a taste.

In this blog post, we’ll run through a big list of cute, funny, and descriptive mojito Instagram caption ideas to inspire your next round of mouth-watering cocktail snapshots. From rhymes about limes to mint-themed puns to lyrics referencing the rum, these captions will have you ready to mix up the perfect accompaniment to your mojito moments. Grab your muddler and let’s get captioning!


Short Mojito Captions

  1. Hydrated
  2. Clink clink
  3. Sip and Chill, Don’t Spill
  4. Liquid therapy
  5. Drinking happy thoughts
  6. Mojito moment
  7. Sipping pretty
  8. Girls just wanna have mojitos
  9. Liquid happiness.
  10. Minty bliss.
  11. A toast to good times.
  12. When life gives you a lemon, make Mojito
  13. While you catch those feels, let me sip on this drink
  14. When life gives you lemons, forget the lemonade. Swap them for limes and make a Mojito!!
  15. Sometimes all you need is a Mojito.
  16. This Mojito tastes like I’m not going to work tomorrow.
  17. Minty fresh vibes.
  18. Sipping on summer.
  19. Cheers to the weekend!
  20. Lime and mint magic.
  21. Feeling minty cool.
  22. Refreshment in a glass.
  23. Chilling with my favorite drink.
  24. Mint leaves and sunshine.
  25. A taste of paradise.

Mojito Captions and Quotes

Cute Mojito Captions

  1. Minty moments.
  2. Sunshine in a glass.
  3. Sip and savor.
  4. Mint and lime perfection.
  5. Catching those minty feels.
  6. Minty freshness overload.
  7. Summer in every sip.
  8. Sunshine sips.
  9. A drink to remember.
  10. Refreshingly minty.
  11. Mint and lime delight.
  12. Savoring the good times.
  13. Minty coolness.
  14. Summer refreshment.
  15. A burst of minty goodness.
  16. Mint-infused joy.
  17. Lime and mint magic.
  18. Refreshment at its best.
  19. Minty magic in a glass.
  20. Pure refreshment.
  21. Sipping on minty dreams.
  22. Lime, mint, and good vibes.
  23. Hydrated and happy
  24. Drinking in the good vibes
  25. Cheers, ladies!


Summer Mojito Captions

  1. Minty fresh and fabulous
  2. Mint leaves and girl talk
  3. A taste of paradise with my girls
  4. Liquid therapy with my besties
  5. Clink clink, girls’ night in
  6. Feeling minty fresh and fierce
  7. Girl time and lime
  8. Minty moments with my squad
  9. Sunshine and girl power
  10. Sip and savor with my sisters
  11. Mint and lime, feeling fine
  12. Catching those minty feels with my girls
  13. Minty freshness with my besties
  14. Summer sips with my ladies
  15. Liquid happiness with my tribe
  16. Minty bliss and girl talk
  17. A toast to girl power
  18. Sunshine and sisterhood
  19. A drink to remember with my girls
  20. Refreshingly minty with my besties
  21. Mint and lime delight with my ladies
  22. Savoring the good times with my tribe
  23. Minty coolness and girl time
  24. Summer refreshment with my squad
  25. A burst of minty goodness with my girls
  26. Mint-infused joy with my besties
  27. Lime and mint magic with my ladies
  28. Refreshment at its best with my girls
  29. Minty magic in a glass with my tribe
  30. Pure refreshment with my squad
  31. Sipping on minty dreams with my ladies
  32. Lime, mint, and good vibes with my besties
  33. Savoring every mojito moment.
  34. Mojito magic: your liquid therapy in a glass.
  35. Keep calm and mojito on.
  36. Sip, sip, hooray! It’s a mojito kind of day.
  37. Clink clink, let’s drink!

Beach Mojito Captions

  1. When life gives you limes, make a mojito and smile.
  2. Catching feels while sipping on mojito dreams.
  3. Mojito nights and summer vibes.
  4. Keeping my gin up with a mojito in hand.
  5. When life gives you lemons, make mojitos and forget the rest.
  6. Sometimes all you need is a mojito and good company.
  7. This mojito tastes like vacation.
  8. Mojito therapy: because adulting is hard.
  9. Mojito love.
  10. Minty fresh.
  11. Cheers to mojitos!
  12. Sipping happiness.
  13. Mojito vibes only.
  14. Mojitos and chill.
  15. Minty goodness in every sip.
  16. Keep your spirits high with a mojito.
  17. Sunshine, good times, and mojitos.
  18. Just another mojito moment.
  19. Sipping on sunshine and mojitos.
  20. Mojito in hand, summer in my soul.
  21. Shaking things up with this minty delight.
  22. Flirting with the weekend, one mojito at a time.
  23. Mint leaves and sunny dreams.
  24. When life gives you limes, make mojitos.
  25. Mint condition: perfectly refreshed.
  26. Stirring up some fun with my mojito.
  27. Happiness is a well-made mojito.
  28. Minty fresh and feeling blessed.
  29. Mojito dreams and tropical scenes.
  30. Summer nights and mojito lights.
  31. Embracing the minty vibes.
  32. Mojitos: my favorite summer accessory.
  33. One mojito, endless smiles.
  34. Mint, lime, and good times.
  35. A mojito a day keeps the worries away.
  36. Cheers to the perfect mojito mix.
  37. Mojito moments, minty and marvelous.
  38. Minty and marvelous with my gals
  39. Toasting to friendship and fresh vibes

Vacation Mojito Captions

  1. Mint in my drink, sun on my face
  2. Catching up over minty drinks
  3. Sipping on sweetness with my sisters
  4. Refreshing mint and lime love
  5. Girls’ day out with a cool drink
  6. Minty chill time with my ladies
  7. The perfect drink for a perfect day with friends
  8. Laughs and limes with my tribe
  9. Fresh and fabulous with my favorite people
  10. Mint leaves and sunny smiles
  11. Ladies’ night, minty bright
  12. A fresh take on fun times
  13. Sharing minty dreams with my girls
  14. Lime-lighting our evening with mint
  15. Fresh flavors and fabulous friends
  16. Minty moments that sparkle
  17. Embracing the minty magic with my squad
  18. Friends and fresh drinks
  19. Cool and minty with my chicas
  20. Lime, mint, and memories in the making
  21. Freshly squeezed happiness
  22. Sunsets and minty sips
  23. Making memories with minty drinks
  24. A refreshing twist on girls’ night
  25. Fresh flavors with my favorites
  26. Sweet sips and girl trips
  27. Mint and lime, just in time
  28. Chilling with minty perfection
  29. Friends, fun, and a minty twist
  30. Fresh vibes and best times
  31. Lively moments with a hint of mint
  32. Sun-kissed and minty fresh
  33. Mint leaves and laughter shared
  34. Celebrating life with mint in hand
  35. Ladies’ choice: mint and lime delight
  36. Fresh flavors for fabulous friends
  37. Sip, chat, and refresh
  38. Minty mingling with my ladies
  39. Girlfriend gatherings with a minty twist
  40. Summer sweetness in every sip
  41. Sharing smiles and minty goodness
  42. Refreshing times with my tribe
  43. Lime love with my ladies
  44. A minty escape with my girls
  45. Savoring the fresh moments together
  46. Minty cool vibes with my friends
  47. A toast to minty adventures
  48. Girl gang and fresh flavors