Morgan Wallen Lyrics For Instagram Captions

Morgan Wallen Lyrics For Instagram Captions

If you’ve ever found yourself belting out the catchy tunes of Morgan Wallen, then you know his lyrics are pure gold. From heartwarming ballads to foot-stomping anthems, Morgan Wallen has a way of capturing life’s moments in just a few lines. And guess what? We’ve rounded up the ultimate collection of Morgan Wallen lyrics that are perfect for spicing up your Instagram captions.

Whether you’re looking to express your wild side, share your love story, or simply embrace the laid-back vibes, these captions will have your followers tappin’ that like button in no time. So grab your cowboy hat and get ready to add a touch of country charm to your Insta posts!

Morgan Wallen Lyrics Captions

  • 2 AM at a Broadway bar, and she’s puttin’ her number in my phone.
  • Two Bud Lights deep, and she’s sayin’ things she don’t mean.
  • I met her down at Aldean’s, a mile away, she stole my smile away.
  • Bean just had to take her phone, and that just took her smile away.
  • Girls like you just wanna take me around, around and around.
  • They don’t love you, they only love you right now.
  • I’da stayed my ass at home, leave them Broadway girls alone.
  • Tecovas boots, guitar, cigar, the bar, she’s riding a bull like cars.
  • Think I oughta settle down and find me something I can take back to my hometown.
  • I told ’em that I’m savage, they just tryna tell me there’s.
  • I don’t always wake up in the mornin’, pour myself a strong one
  • Lean back on the bourbon, sure as hell can’t keep leanin’ on you
  • Looks like I’m learnin’ the hard way again, it’s all my fault
  • You’re gone and I’m gone three sheets to the wind
  • All them days I spent wasted on you
  • Swore this one’d be different, my heart wouldn’t listen
  • My head and these boots on my feet
  • Right down to the flame of this match
  • Wasted on you, wasted on you
  • Life may be like a rollercoaster, but with the right soundtrack
  • Poured ’em up ’til they shuttin’ ’em down, yeah
  • I need somethin’ you proof
  • Shootin’ doubles like it’s nothin’
  • Yeah, I been pullin’ ninety to a hundred
  • Ain’t nobody sellin’ nothin’ you proof
  • Baby, but the only thing faded is me
  • I been sippin’, I been buzzin’
  • ‘Cause I been workin’ hard to fade your memory
  • Yeah, I need somethin’ you proof
  • Turned the bar, yeah, upside down

Morgan Wallen Song Lyrics Captions

  • Boy gets a guitar and starts writin’ songs
  • Starts chasin’ the devil through honky-tonk bars
  • He said, ‘I wish You would’ve woke me up an easier way’
  • Ignorin’ the voices in his head that say
  • World likes to rear back and throw a few stones
  • ‘Cause what else could he do?
  • I’d shame me, I’d blame me, I’d make me pay for my mistakes
  • Boy’s all alone, got no one to turn to
  • He got all three at the first show he played
  • Lord knows, I ain’t perfect and it ain’t my place
  • Kinda girl when she steps out, the world stands still
  • She’s somebody’s problem, somebody’s goodbye
  • Love to drown in them heartbreaker blue eyes
  • About to be mine, About to be mine
  • Kinda girl once you’ve had her, you can’t stand to lose her
  • Thinkin’ ’bout them tan lines and I’m thinkin’ damn, I’d
  • Let me get to fixin’, Oh, hey baby, don’t just keep me wishin’
  • Somebody’s best day, somebody’s worst night
  • Two-tone tank top slippin’ off her shoulder
  • Kinda girl that goes from tryin’ to just to get her number
  • It’s Friday after 5, got here just in time
  • We live it up, down here
  • Somebody pass that fifth of Camp this way
  • ‘Cause there’s money in the bank and tomorrow’s Saturday
  • Went ahead and wet a line ‘fore I went and lost my mind
  • Can turn this parking lot into a party
  • If they pass that fifth of Jack this way
  • We just holding it down here in BFE
  • We got what we got, we don’t need the rest
  • Going up down, up, down, up, down

Morgan Wallen Song Captions

  • Long driveway to a big white house
  • Guess you never saw things my way anyway
  • Yeah, I bet your daddy’s so proud
  • And sippin’ on a sixer with me
  • Were we dumb or just younger, who knows?
  • Of Coke and Southern Comfort
  • Think she dodged a bullet
  • Does it ever make you sad to know
  • Yeah, I wonder when you’re drinking if you
  • Back then, you used to love the river
  • Last night, we let the liquor talk
  • You told me that you wish I was somebody you never met
  • I know you said this time you really weren’t comin’ back again
  • I can’t remember everything we said, but we said it all
  • In the middle of the night, pull it right back up
  • My friends say, ‘Let her go’
  • Something’s tellin’ me this ain’t over yet
  • No way it was our last night, we said we’d had enough
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  • No way it was the last night that we break up
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Morgan Wallen Instagram Captions

  • She lets me fish whenever I want to.
  • Must’ve finally made their way on through.
  • Yeah, I’m still proud of where I came from, still your only damn son, the bus is leavin’ so I gotta roll.
  • I got me a new girl down there in Jefferson City.
  • God knows I’m drinkin’ too much.
  • How’s everything back at home?
  • I’m sorry that I called you so late, I just miss you, but anyways.
  • It turns out she’s a lot like you.
  • I put your faith to the test when I tore off your dress
  • A heart on a run keeps a hand on a gun
  • But I made it through, ’cause somebody knew
  • So, girl, hang your dress out to dry, we ain’t leavin’ this room
  • Can’t trust anyone
  • Tried to shoot out the sun
  • And the old lover’s sing, ‘I thought it’d be me’
  • It’s cold in this house and I ain’t goin’ out to chop wood
  • So, cover me up and know you’re enough to use me for good
  • The days when we raged, we flew off the page

Morgan Wallen Quotes

  • I’m gonna love you like crazy, until the end of time
  • Letting my heart be my compass
  • Never met a summer I didn’t like
  • I’ll be the one you want when you’re feelin’ lonely
  • Feelin’ on top of the world, with you by my side
  • Feelin’ blessed to have you by my side
  • You never know the plan. You never know what’s going to happen. We are not even promised tomorrow.
  • And it’s always good to get back home and see the people you love and get to spend time with your family.
  • I love you more than a California sunset.
  • We can’t stop this real-world from spinnin’ us.
  • No matter where life takes me, I’ll always be the same guy and the same person at heart.
  • I think it takes a little bit of time for people to take you seriously.
  • I just want to be able to do it all just because that’s what life is
  • My words matter. A word can truly hurt a person, and in my core, it’s not what I’m okay with.
  • I think that the best music and the music that people relate to the most is the honest music that people feel themselves in it.

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Wrapping up our journey through the world of Morgan Wallen lyrics for Instagram captions! These lyrics bring a fresh breeze of country air to your social media game, giving your posts that extra dash of personality and flair. Whether you’re reminiscing about good times, embracing your adventurous spirit, or simply sharing a moment of heartfelt emotion, Morgan Wallen’s words have you covered.

So go ahead, let your captions groove to the rhythm of these lyrics, and watch as your Instagram engagement hits a high note. Remember, life may be like a rollercoaster, but with the right soundtrack, it’s a journey worth sharing. Keep on captioning, country-style!