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Best Philadelphia Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Are you planning a trip to the “City of Brotherly Love?” During your visit to Philadelphia, you’ll undoubtedly take a plethora of photographs, and you’ll need catchy Instagram captions to make them stand out. Here we have a list of captions for you.

Best Philadelphia Captions

Remember to take as many memorable photographs as you can when you first arrive in Philadelphia to commemorate your trip there! In order to have the best Philadelphia photos, we believe that they must also have the best captions, which is why we have provided you with the following information.

  • Life, liberty, and cheesesteak
  • You’re my Philly Special
  • I’m a Philly and wine kinda girl
  • Oh Philadelphia freedom, shine on me, I love you

  • City of brotherly love, a place I call home
  • Philly Dilly
  • Oh, baby come down, I want to hold you now, I’m in a Philly Mood
  • Made in Philly
  • I’d like to see Paris before I die… Philadelphia will do.

Philadelphia Quotes

When it comes to posting on Instagram, you may find yourself at a loss for words. We’ve included some great Philadelphia quotes for you to use as captions in your photos.

  • I don’t have many friends in Philadelphia. I sort of have one. I have the dog and someone else.– Buzz Bissinger
  • World-class museums, cutting-edge galleries, and ubiquitous street murals make this city a trove of creative riches.
  • I think Philadelphia has been underrated over the years as a musical region.– Daryl Hall
  • Philadelphia reflected the national turmoil over race and the Vietnam War, often exploding on my watch.– Andrea Mitchell
  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a house of artistic and intellectual prostitution– Albert C. Barnes
  • We’re neighborhood people. And that’s what Philly is: neighborhoods. That’s why this all works.— Philadelphia Magazine
  • New York is a place where people go to reinvent themselves; Philadelphia is a place where people discover who they are.– Chef Peter McAndrews
  • The streets are safe in Philadelphia. It’s only the people who make them unsafe.– Frank Rizzo
  • I love the dignity in the name Philadelphia, but at heart, we’re Philly.– Lisa Scottoline

Philly Quotes And Sayings

Below are some awesome Philadelphia sayings that you can use as captions for your social media posts.

  • City of brotherly love, place I call home – Neil Young
  • Oh Philadelphia freedom, shine on me, I love you– Elton John.
  • Back in Philly we be out in the park, A place called the Plateau is where everybody goes – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
  • I think Philadelphia has been underrated over the years as a musical region.- Daryl Hall
  • In Boston they ask, how much does he know? In New York, how much is he worth? In Philadelphia, who were his parents?― Mark Twain
  • From the floor, I see the tops of the Philadelphia skyline out of her window. Staring at it, I realize that the night sky isn’t really black, which is the way I’ve always thought of it. It’s actually a dark shade of blue, the darkest possible.― Siobhan Vivian
  • Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between.- James Carville
  • I drink no cider, but feast on Philadelphia beer. – John Adams
  • Oh, baby come down, I want to hold you now, I’m in a Philly mood – Daryl Hall

Pennsylvania State Slogans

We’ve also provided you with some of our favorite Pennsylvania  State slogans that you can use as captions in your images.

  • Capital is Harrisburg and don’t be a jerk
  • The city of big dreams ad big hope
  • soccer is popular and no locker
  • Hot and humid and don’t be rigid
  • Visit a beautiful place with your taste
  • The state is affordable with little more memorable
  • Explore the various flavours of this city
  • A perfect place to get relax
  • Enter in happiness with no laziness
  • Feel the sun and have some fun
  • The best tourist place ever
  • The land that gives you some good vibes.
  • Travel to Pennsylvania with your level
  • You are sure as hell that you cannot get enough of this city!
  • The place of good-hearted people
  • The land where everything seems interesting
  • Diversity and experience flavour with layers
  • Experience the most luxurious life here
  • Know about culture with sculpture
  • This place will give you so many memories
  • Feel the most amazing adventures of this place
  • Achieve success here in sports by hardcore

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