Rylo Rodriguez Lyrics For Instagram Captions

Rylo Rodriguez Lyrics For Instagram Captions

If you’re a fan of Rylo Rodriguez, the talented American rapper making waves in the music industry, you probably already know that his lyrics are filled with raw emotion, vivid storytelling, and a unique perspective on life. Whether he’s sharing his experiences from the streets or delving into the complexities of relationships, Rylo Rodriguez’s words resonate with many.

If you’re searching for the perfect Instagram captions that capture the essence of his music and your own thoughts, look no further. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best Rylo Rodriguez lyrics to elevate your Instagram game and connect with fellow fans. Get ready to add a touch of Rylo’s lyrical magic to your social media posts.

Rylo Rodriguez Lyrics Captions

  • I wish I could die on you
  • And all I wanna do
  • She don’t want no Rolex, she want me to make time
  • Tighten up her body and she’ll be alright when the needle hit
  • They play with you and I’ma cut off they hand
  • When I’m with her she show me love exist
  • When I wanted to shoot myself in the head why you didn’t say it
  • ‘Cause you know I want you, baby
  • I wish Lil Ree could’ve went blind in the courtroom
  • Just like father just like son, I ain’t gon’ bash them
  • Run that by his son how he moved out to Atlanta
  • Said she wanna give herself to me like I call traveling
  • Powder hit fedtown got ’em 10 piece
  • They beggin’ for me to drop a tape, I’m sorry to my fans
  • I need the pain go, more weed
  • Lil Foreign died playing with a gun, the bullet hit his jaw
  • Missin’ me and Dave smoking the Runtz, I’ll never leave my warriors
  • Four deep in the rental to give you this ten, came from a rock-head
  • I can hear them try to slander my name
  • Condo downtown, project baby, still got hitters in it
  • They was talkin’ until we pulled up, turned they block to library
  • I know a snake that had me fooled like he was my dog
  • Fentanyl
  • Wish I could talk to Ray Charles

Rylo Rodriguez Song Lyrics Captions

  • You know I’m promoting that violence shit
  • Roll through the hood, probably bumping T.I.
  • Know Taneshia played me, we had good times
  • She better off playing Operation
  • Say she got herpes, gotta punch the blunt
  • I was with a reaper, but we had words
  • Three mill’ on YouTube, though I come from the projects
  • Me, Thad, and Rell poring up a quack
  • I just wanna tell them lil’ niggas chill
  • Bills due and, momma, she wasn’t racist
  • Angel died from diabetes, big Balenciaga
  • I’ma throw my tongue like Dak Prescott
  • They thought I was callin’ all the managers
  • I’m scared
  • I won’t cop out
  • Long live Rara
  • It is what it is
  • I sip this shit for real
  • The guns you got in your video
  • How many bodies you got?
  • Be quiet
  • All blues up in my pocket
  • Stuck in my ways
  • Can’t be lackin’
  • Project baby
  • On a date, only time I went out sad

Rylo Rodriguez Song Captions

  • I guess you wonder where I’ve been
  • You should know them hoes be just fans, like Coachella
  • Wonder where you been, who you’ve been with
  • You find your way home, so many times you told me you’re done
  • You got the best brain, I hope you never look for advice
  • Every time I went to jail, you was down to ride
  • You may not see me, I took too many of your doses
  • Alone in Miami at 3AM, I wish that you were here
  • You know your heart’s a tool, hope you don’t let nobody use you
  • I ran up my money, they told me ballin’ brings closure
  • You can leave, not insecure ‘long as you’re home by tonight
  • I put you through a bunch of shit, but we gon’ die real
  • I came back to let you know
  • I’d be on what I’m on if I ain’t rap
  • Just this month, sixty G’s off pants
  • I’m a thug with a tool
  • You ain’t grind three days straight without hidin’
  • I got twenty million cash now and still ain’t near enough
  • Got the finest car, one of a kind, I don’t slow down for much
  • Ayy, throw it off the glass, I’ma dunk it
  • Mix it with the rizzy, give that lil’ dog a pit growl
  • She ain’t been ridin’ with ’em when them bullets start flyin’
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Rylo Rodriguez Instagram Captions

  • I ain’t hit your baby mama, I hit her with the curveball
  • I gotta stay from ’round them
  • If I let ’em, ain’t gon’ let up, I’ma keep on stridin’
  • I’m gon’ pull up AMG like I don’t know my alphabet
  • Pray you take these lines and look back, oh, they all faded
  • I done finally went legit, ain’t no more public housing
  • But where was y’all when I was lost, ain’t know where to go?
  • You only get one chance to cross me, then it’s say no more
  • Know the drank the devil but when I’m on it, feel like I’m in heaven
  • I don’t need no friends, I just wanna win
  • Youngins ain’t on Instagram but they still want a blue check
  • We sell dope where we stay
  • Lights off again, we can’t even see when we bathe
  • We rob and we kill, it’s how we live
  • She do hair where she live
  • Playin’ craps to afford the new J’s
  • This is how we live
  • Judge threw the flag, gave Scooby ten
  • Sittin’ by sticks like campfire, we ain’t even stand the tent
  • Recliner, I had told them all lies back
  • Just ’cause we come from the ghetto don’t mean we can’t grow
  • Police had killed Cee, some years past, think it should fade away

Rylo Rodriguez Lyrics Quotes

  • Is you a blood, Lil Rylo, why you always pour up red?
  • I’m just tryna go out but I’ll kill you if you ever play with Lil Ted
  • I’m sorry Auntie, I’m a crook, but that’s just how it happened
  • Jumped in my DM and when I was broke, I remember she went to packing
  • He got ten racks, he can’t buy her nothing but a Chevy
  • ‘Cause the DA, they gon’ try to put you in jail
  • Took my belt off and I whooped my Rollie
  • Court dates are more important than our B-day
  • We was in the same boat, broke, but they ain’t know how to paddle
  • She wanna go bowling, I said “I can’t, cuz I’m tryna dodge the Pen.”
  • He bought 13 boxes of crayons
  • She don’t go to school but shawy took the mink classes
  • Free Lil Ken in the pen, he came from stealing rides
  • They be like “Rylo ain’t no slave no more”
  • I be riding bumping 2Pac, life goes on
  • Say “I love her too”, but I’m lying back, just like Mark Barron
  • P.R.O.J.E.C.T.B.A.B.Y.R.Y.L.O
  • She just a booster hoe from (?)
  • I’m still won’t drop a dime, even though I got plenty of sense
  • Wonder why the room went black, but we ain’t close our eyes


Rylo Rodriguez’s lyrics offer a wealth of opportunities to elevate your Instagram captions. As a rising star in the rap world, his words carry a unique blend of raw emotion, street wisdom, and creativity that can help you express yourself in a captivating way on social media.

Whether you’re looking for captions that resonate with your experiences or simply want to add a touch of Rylo’s lyrical flair to your posts, his verses provide a powerful source of inspiration. So, don’t hesitate to infuse your Instagram with the energy and authenticity of Rylo Rodriguez’s lyrics, and watch your posts shine brighter than ever before.