Mask captions for instagram

Best Captions For Face Mask Pictures

As the Covid-19 days continue to haunt us, we’re here to show who is the superior species. Sanitizing yourself and wearing masks have become the new cool. Being safe has become our priority. With that, you also got to spread the message on your socials. You got to wear that face mask and share those mask selfies with the world. 

Here are some of the best captions for your mask pictures to share on Instagram in 2021. Take a look.

Mask Captions

  • Wear a mask, be safe, save the country.
  • Behind every mask, there is a face, and behind every face, there is a story.
  • Wear a mask to stop the spread.
  • A single piece of cloth is now worth it.
  • Mask is the life saviour.
  • We have to fight wearing masks till this pandemic ends.
  • A million lives can be saved from wearing a single mask.
  • An N-95 is much stronger than a disposable one.
  • Wear the mask and get vaccinated on time.
  • Let’s stand together by maintaining distance.
  • Good days will come only when we are careful.

Face Mask Captions

  • Cover your face with a face mask, not with an oxygen mask.
  • Wear it before it’s too late.
  • Behind every mask, there is the face that suffers.
  • Don’t spread germs rather wear them a mask.
  • Wear a mask and sanitize before you go outside.

Mask captions for instagram

  • Head up, stay strong, wear a mask and move on.
  • Keep calm and just wear a mask.
  • You are testing my patience level, I can wear a mask the whole day.
  • The world is healing, just wear a mask and support it.
  • Social distancing is the new way of caring.
  • Your smile is precious, cover it with a mask

Funny Mask Captions

  • You can’t see me smiling as I cover it with a mask.
  • Every two-faced person’s face is also covered with a mask.
  • Wear a mask and keep quiet.
  • Fake a smile or wear a mask.
  • Spread love, not germs.

Mask captions for instagram

  • Eat, sleep, wear a mask, repeat.
  • Don’t be a fool, just wear a mask.
  • Wearing a mask means covering your nose too.
  • Maintain distance, I’m in an isolationship.
  • My smile is on vacation that’s the reason I’m covering it with a face mask.
  • Wake me up when the quarantine ends.
  • Laughing my mask off.
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Covid Mask Captions

  • Wear a mask or get infected.
  • 2020 the year of single masks, 2021 the year of double masks.
  • Mask is the new trend.
  • Let’s take a bow to thank our frontline heroes.
  • Don’t unmask, it’s a trap.
  • Health is an expensive wealth so cover it with a mask to make it more expensive.
  • Wear a mask until the situations get normal.
  • Wear a mask and be negative.
  • Give a mask rather than giving them advice.
  • Wear a mask as it cuts off getting infected by 65%.
  • Wear a mask, love is not in the air but covid is.
  • A friendly reminder to wear a mask and be hydrated.

Mask Selfie Captions

  • My selfie is incomplete without the mask.
  • Wearing a mask never gets out of trend.
  • Say cheese under your mask.
  • A mask is now equal to a lifeline.
  • I swear I’m smiling under the mask.
  • Be safe, be masked.
  • Same mask, different day.
  • Let’s fight with the mask game on.
  • We are in a mask generation.
  • The best thing about time is that it passes, and this too will pass soon.
  • Distance makes us stronger and safe.
  • The best wish now is to be safe and the best gift to someone is a mask.

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