Airplane Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Airplane Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Looking for the perfect airplane captions for all your pictures of the flight and airport. Here is a list of the most interesting captions that will make your pictures stand out. Use them as they are or get inspired to create your own. Check them out and have fun.

Airplane Selfie Captions

Love taking selfies during flight journeys? Need captions for all your airplane pictures? Here are some of the perfect words that can be used as captions in your photos.

  • Up in the air, living the dream.
  • Jet-setting off to new adventures.
  • Cloud nine, literally.
  • Feeling sky-high and unstoppable.
  • Soaring through the skies, living life on the fly.
  • Adventure is out there, and I’m chasing it at 30,000 feet.
  • Life is a journey, and I’m loving every mile of it.
  • If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.
  • High above the world, feeling free and wild.
  • Buckle up and let’s take off to new heights.
  • Up, up and away.
  • Why work when you can fly.
  • Always looking up.
  • Do more of what makes you happy.
  • May your heart soar high!
  • Come fly with me.
  • To most people sky is the limit, but for me it’s my home.
  • My soul is in the air. ❤️
  • Living my best life one plane ticket at a time.
  • Life is short, make every flight count.
  • Hey vacay. 😍
  • Catch flights, not feelings.
  • All I need is a passport, plane ticket, and positive vibes.
  • Chasing clouds.
  • Life is a moment in flight.

Funny Airplane Captions

Got some nice airplane pictures and need funny captions to use with them? Here are some of the perfect words to be used as captions in your pictures.

  • The airplane stays up because it doesn’t have time to fall.
  • I’m not afraid of flying, I’m afraid of not flying.
  • I love flying as high as airplanes fly.
  • A change of latitude would help my attitude.
  • Don’t make me walk, when I want to fly.
  • Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.
  • No reason to stay is a good reason to go.

Plane Ticket Captions

Got pictures of your plane ticket and want the perfect captions to use with it? Get ideas for captions and use the right one in all your photos.

  • Living my best life, one plane ticket at a time.
  • I just need a large coffee, a plane ticket, a bag full of cash… 😅😉
  • Work. Retire. Travel 😍
  • The best gift I gave myself!
  • Getting prepared for a long distance flight. 🤞
  • Boarding pass ❤️
  • I want to live in a world, where searching for plane tickets burns calories.

Window Seat Captions

Get your captions right and you will get more likes in your pictures. Here are some of the words to try in your pictures of airplane window seat view.

  • Window seat + Earphones = 🧡
  • Window seat + Earphones + Favorite playlist = Peace
  • Window seat = Clouds + Memories
  • Up in the clouds, on my way to unknown things 🛫

Airplane Captions for Instagram

  • Happiness is a window seat on an airplane
  • Of all the travel companions that I have had, the window seat has always been my favourite.
  • Happiness is looking down your next destination from a plane window.

Waiting at Airport Quotes

Want to update your IG followers on your travel plans? Share pictures of you waiting at the airport and use these captions.

  • I followed by heart and it led me to the airport.
  • Ready to take off.
  • The hardest thing about waiting is waiting alone.
  • I am just afraid my flight will miss me.
  • I am better up there. 🛫
  • Waiting with my luggage and thousands of others.
  • Hopeful face, slouching shoulders and eyes constantly waiting for the flight.

Airport Sad Quotes

Feeling emotional at the airport is quite normal. Get the pictures on social media with these airport sad quotes.

  • A boarding pass no longer makes me happy.
  • Wild and free but alone and sad.
  • The face will tell you how hard it is to be at the airport with a bag heavier than you.
  • An emotion as heavy as the plane and as light as the flight.
  • Every time I am at an airport, I am hit by melancholy.
  • I heard an aeroplane is passing overhead, I wished I was on it. 🛫
  • My soul is in the sky.

Airport Selfie Captions

Getting selfies is a great way to have fun at the airport. Here are some captions that you can try with your airport selfie pictures.

  • Disappointment disappears when the flight takes off.
  • Time at my disposal, and a ticket on my phone, life can’t get better.
  • Doing more of what pushes me forward in life.
  • Keep your luggage and your heart light.
  • Me and my luggage are always the solution to my boredom. 🤞
  • Fly to live. Live to fly.
  • Airplane mode.
  • Explore the world.

Couple Airport Captions

Share your love at the airport with these couple airport captions. Use them as they are or get inspired to write your own caption.

  • Don’t fly alone if you have a girl at home.
  • Emotions mix with air up there in the clouds.
  • Married happily with the girl I once saw at the airport. ❤️ 😍
  • Me, my tickets, and the girl I want to be with for the rest of my life.
  • Pack up, let’s fly away
  • Vacation mood on.
  • Good things come to those who book flights.

Cute Airport Captions

Get the best cute airport captions and see your pictures getting more attention on social media.

  • Plan, fly, and have fun.
  • Never plan to escape a plane crash, because it hardly does.
  • It feels great going above the ground.
  • You look so fly.
  • The aeroplane has unveiled for us the true face of the earth.
  • Only you give me this feeling. 😍
  • Work hard, so you can travel harder.

Airport Departure Captions

Getting onboard a flight is a great feeling. Share the moment with your Instagram and Facebook friends with these captions.

  • Sadness vanishes the moment flight lands.
  • Sadness and the boarding pass can never stay together in the same wallet.
  • Flying is a feeling that only flyers understand.
  • Destination is as lovely and as alluring as the journey.

  • One who flies an airplane…must believe in the unseen.
  • Happiness is landing some new place. 😍
  • Life takes off when fear is left on the ground.

Funny Airport Captions

Got some funny photos at the airport? Now, share it with your followers with these funny airport captions.

  • An investment in tickets and traveling will never let you down unless the plane crashes.
  • Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.
  • The best stories are found between the pages of my passport.
  • Go after dreams not people.
  • Harmony of muscle, mind and mechanism.. flight seems an extension of one’s own body.
  • Life is a journey, enjoy the flight.
  • Sky is not the limit, it’s a home.
  • Life’s goal: travel the world. 😍
  • Airplane travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport photo.


As we wrap up our list of airplane captions for Instagram, I hope you’ve found some great ones to use for your next trip. Whether you’re snapping a photo in the airport, picking up your airport car hire, or just about to board a plane, these captions are perfect for sharing your travel moments. They’re simple, fun, and ready to go with you on your journey. So, next time you’re flying, just copy and paste these captions to make your Instagram posts even better. Happy travels!

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