Oklahoma Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Oklahoma Captions for Instagram

Oklahoma is a midwestern state filled with adventures. Are you feeling the wind on your face and traveling to Oklahoma? Great! Then keep some nice memories for yourself and share with others. We know that finding the best Oklahoma quotes and captions can be a little time-consuming so we have collected some of them just for you.

If you love Oklahoma, or have recently visited and had an amazing trip and want to remember it with something special then you’ll enjoy this list of the best Oklahoma captions we have curated.

Short Oklahoma Captions

You will never run out of joy when visiting this diverse state — from the endless plains and prairies to the mountain forests and lakes to the winding rivers and streams — there is so much to enjoy and appreciate. If you love Oklahoma, then you will love these short Oklahoma captions. They are the best short captions for Instagram and social media.

  • Oklahoma, the land of the red dirt and rolling hills.
  • Oklahoma: where the skies are wide and the people are friendly.
  • Oklahoma: a state full of natural beauty and rich history.
  • Oklahoma: the perfect blend of city and country.
  • Oklahoma: where the adventures are endless.
  • Oklahoma: a state full of surprises and hidden gems.
  • Oklahoma: the heart of the Midwest.
  • Oklahoma: where the sunsets are breathtaking and the people are even more so.
  • Oklahoma: a state full of culture, tradition, and hospitality.
  • Oklahoma: the ultimate destination for any season.
  • Oklahoma is definitely not flat, come check out the views.
  • The people are warm, the land is rich, and the skies are wide and open.
  • Oklahoma, you are so nice to us.
  • Oklahoma. I love it!
  • Oklahoma never let me down.
  • Don’t mess with Oklahoma!
  • Home is where the heart is.
  • We love being a part of this great state!
  • I love being in Oklahoma
  • If you love Oklahoma, you’ll appreciate this.

Oklahoma captions and quotes for Instagram

  • If you’re not livin’ on the edge, you’re taking up too much space!
  • Oklahoma is like a beautiful woman, she may not be the best looking but she’s got a good heart
  • Oklahoma is definitely not flat, come check out the views.
  • The people are warm, the land is rich, and the skies are wide and open.

Funny Oklahoma Captions

If you can’t laugh at the very worst of times, then you’re a lost cause. These funny Oklahoma captions are sure to have you laughing through the tough times. Enjoy!

  • I don’t know why people think I am “from Oklahoma.” But thank you for thinking I’m so cool.
  • It’s hot in Oklahoma, so stay Hydro-ated.
  • Folk-lahoma
  • Everything is pretty OK.
  • Oklahoma is OK.
  • You might be from Oklahoma if… you’ve ever had to switch from “heat” to “A/C” in the same day.
  • The best dog in Oklahoma is a Paw-huskey.
  • It’s good to be Okla-home again.
  • All hail Oklahoma
  • After this vacation, I’m Broke-lahoma.
  • In Oklahoma, the most popular candy is the Jolly Rancher.
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Oklahoma Quotes

From humble towns to bustling cities, Oklahoma is a place that inspires motivational quotes and words. Let these Oklahoma quotes  inspire you to visit this picturesque region and see all it has to offer. I have compiled a list of best Oklahoma quotes that you can use as your caption/status or to share with other people.

  • We’d out-Okied the Okies. -Jeannette Walls
  • When the Oakies left Oklahoma and moved to California, it raised the I.Q. of both states. -Will Rogers
  • You come to Oklahoma to beat Texas. -Baker Mayfield
  • Well, I never been to heaven but I been to Oklahoma. -Hoyt Axton
  • Anything can have happened in Oklahoma. Practically everything has. -Edna Ferber
  • Resilience is woven deeply into the fabric of Oklahoma. Throw us an obstacle, and we grow stronger. -Brad Henry
  • Oh, honey, I’m from Oklahoma! This is who I am – middle-class all the way! -Annette Bening
  • Everybody knows that I like Oklahoma City, and I love being here. I love everybody here. -Russell Westbrook
  • People don’t know what it means to be champions. Oklahoma invented it.- Barry Switzer
  • Are there any swamps in Oklahoma? Yes, there is. It’s called Tulsa. -Bobby Heenan
  • I like California but I’m dyed-in-the-wool Oklahoma. I see a deer in L.A., and everybody’s standing around it taking pictures. Back home, that’s the enemy! -Blake Shelton
  • I have deep roots in this Oklahoma soil. It makes me proud. -N. Scott Momaday
  • People don’t know what it means to be champions. Oklahoma invented it. -Barry Switzer
  • You know you’re down and out when Okies laugh at you. -Jeannette Walls
  • I love eating at Sonic with my family in Oklahoma. And no, I’m not kidding. -Kristin Chenoweth
  • I want my permanent address to be in Oklahoma. Someday, when I get married and I have kids, that’s where I want to raise my kids. -Carrie Underwood
  • I like Oklahoma. It’s a quiet place. You can work, and nobody disturbs you. -Nadia Comaneci
  • In some ways, I’m still a kid from Missouri and Oklahoma, and I’m trying to find my way. -Brad Pitt
  • Governor is not the position to have in Oklahoma. It is the head coach of Oklahoma or Oklahoma State or Tulsa. -J. C. Watts
  • You’re the reason God made Oklahoma. -David Frizzell & Shelly West
  • Oklahoma’s always been good to me.- Alan Jackson
  • If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute and it’ll change. -Will Rogers
  • They portray me as a hick just because I enjoy some of the things people in Oklahoma like. I think people expect me to come out wearing my boots and spurs. -Troy Aikman

Oklahoma Puns

Puns from the great state of Oklahoma. The state with some of the best foods and funniest people is brought to you by our Oklahoma puns!

Come on down and enjoy some all-new puns, fresh, hand-picked Oklahoma jokes, and more entertainment than you can shake a stick at. One of your favorite state puns is back for more fun, with more local humor and more laughs. This funny, hilarious collection of puns has been carefully curated by us.

  • Torna-don’t
  • Flex-oma
  • Thunderwear
  • The best dog in Oklahoma is a Paw-huskey.
  • Good bison.
  • Don’t be a Cim-moron
  • Leave me the buffalo-ne.
  • Fried Okra-homa
  • Yukon have whatever you like.
  • In Oklahoma, the most popular candy is the Jolly Rancher.
  • Caddo-shack.
  • It’s hot in Oklahoma, so stay Hydro-ated.
  • Frontier Pretty
  • After this vacation, I’m Broke-lahoma.
  • All hail Oklahoma
  • Okie Pokey
  • Make a wish-amingo.
  • Mistle-foe
  • Chicka-Chickasha Boom Boom
  • Nichols K***ing It.
  • Keeping my finger on the Pulse-a.
  • Steer away from making cowboy jokes.
  • Hell Reno
  • Oklahoma girls put the boots in booty.
  • Really, another fracking earthquake?
  • Kid-west City
  • Cowboy boots are ranch dressing.
  • I think we’re developing a redbud-ing friendship.
  • Donnie Anadarko.
  • OKC at night is horn-ado alley.
  • Chill-water
  • Red dirt messy.
  • Miami nice.
  • There’s always a drought in Nowata county.
  • We Weatherford-ed the storm.
  • Everything is pretty OK.
  • Tonkawa Trucks
  • Heart-lesville
  • Gator-Ada
  • Stormin’ Norman
  • Go on and close the McCurtains ’cause all we need is candlelight
  • Ashes, ashes, we Eufaula down.
  • Smoke-lahoma
  • Lasso to Oklahoma.
  • Folk-lahoma
  • I buffa-love this place.

Oklahoma Pickup Lines

Grab your favorite drink, and get ready to text your friends all night as you laugh together at these Oklahoma pickup lines! Show your Oklahoma-sooner pride and impress that special someone with these Oklahoma themed pick up lines!

Oklahoma pickup lines are designed to elevate conversations and create rapport with other people. Check them out!

  • “Are you from Oklahoma? Because you’re OK.”
  • If you had a nickel for every time someone said Oklahoma…Wait, I just did.
  • You’re the only Oklahoma I need this summer.
  • I’d tell you a joke about Oklahoma, but you have probably heard it before.
  • I’m not from Oklahoma but I’m OK with you.
  • Is your name Oklahoma? Because you’re OK-AY.