Eggnog Captions for Instagram To Spice Up Your Holiday Posts

It’s that time of year when eggnog becomes everyone’s favorite drink. This creamy treat lights up the holiday season just like the Christmas lights and mistletoe. Whether you love eggnog a lot or just like to have it once in a while, it’s a big part of the holiday fun. And it’s definitely worth posting about on Instagram.

Need the right words to go with your eggnog pictures? We’ve got you covered. From funny to cute, we have a whole bunch of eggnog captions for you.

But hey, there’s more to your holiday Instagram than just eggnog. If you’re snapping pics of your Christmas tree, enjoying a cozy day, or having a fun time this holiday season, we have more captions for you. Check out these links for more great holiday captions:

Now, with your eggnog in hand and holiday cheer in the air, let’s scroll through some delightful captions!

Funny Eggnog Captions

  1. Sipping on holiday vibes only
  2. Nog so silent night? Not with my crew
  3. Eggnog’s in, stress is out
  4. Festive mood on, with a cup in hand
  5. Holiday cheer? I’ve got it right here
  6. Just another day living the eggnog life
  7. Eggnog season is the reason for my holiday smize
  8. Turning my winter blues into winter brews
  9. Keep calm and nog on
  10. Who needs a mistletoe when you have eggnog?
  11. Eggnog vibes and holiday thrives
  12. Just here for the eggnog and chill vibes
  13. Frosty nights, eggnog delights
  14. In a holiday romance with my eggnog
  15. Got nog? Let’s get this holiday party started
  16. My kind of holiday spirit comes in a mug
  17. Eggnog: the official sponsor of my holiday mood
  18. Here for the nog, stayin’ for the vibes
  19. This is my holiday mug shot with my favorite nog
  20. Rockin’ around the Christmas tree with a nog in hand
  21. Eggnog in the streets, Santa in the sheets
  22. Decking the halls and sipping on nog
  23. Eggnog: because adulting needs a holiday too
  24. Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-nog
  25. Winter’s favorite drink
  26. Sweet sips of December
  27. Creamy dreamy holiday scenes
  28. A mug full of merriment
  29. Holiday spice and everything nice
  30. Frothy, creamy, holiday dreamy
  31. Here for the holiday pour
  32. Whisking through the holidays
  33. Spiced sips of magic
  34. Warmth in a mug
  35. Holiday blend bliss
  36. Clinking through the festivities
  37. My kind of holiday spirit
  38. A creamy kind of Christmas
  39. Eggnog: because holiday juice didn’t sound right
  40. Toasting to holiday warmth
  41. A little nutmeg, a lot of cheer
  42. Cinnamon swirls and holiday twirls
  43. Sippin’ on nog and holiday cheer
  44. Eggnog season is my favorite season

Eggnog captions

Short Eggnog Captions

  1. Nog time
  2. Cheers to nog
  3. Nog vibes
  4. Eggnog o’clock
  5. Holiday nog
  6. Nog it out
  7. Just nog it
  8. In the nog
  9. Nog lover
  10. Nogging through
  11. Sweet nog
  12. Nog life
  13. Pure nog
  14. Nog mood
  15. Nog cheer
  16. Just call me an eggnog-aholic
  17. Nog so silent night
  18. Eggnog: Do not disturb
  19. Holiday diet plan: Eggnog, repeat
  20. Holiday cheer in a cup
  21. Sipping on festive joy
  22. Spiced up winter nights

Cute Eggnog Captions

  1. Eggnog and chill
  2. Sweeter than eggnog
  3. Nog, love, and joy
  4. Baby, it’s nog outside
  5. Warm like eggnog
  6. Sweet as nog
  7. Snuggle and nog
  8. Nog kisses
  9. Hug in a mug – eggnog
  10. Nog smiles
  11. Heartwarming nog
  12. Cuddle with nog
  13. Eggnog dreams
  14. Love in a nog
  15. Nog hugs
  16. On a no-nog diet, JK, pour it up
  17. Got nog?
  18. Keep calm and nog on
  19. Eggnog is my holiday jam
  20. Rockin’ around with my eggnog
  21. Merry Nog-mas to all
  22. A mug full of merriment

Eggnog Puns as Captions

  1. Feeling nog-stalgic
  2. Nog about it
  3. Eggnog-stoppable
  4. Nog your average drink
  5. All about that nog
  6. Nog up to mischief
  7. The nog factor
  8. Get your nog on
  9. Nog-believable
  10. Eggnog vibes only
  11. Nog out of the woods
  12. Noggin’ all day
  13. It’s nog rocket science
  14. On cloud nog
  15. Let’s get nog wild

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With these eggnog captions, you’re all set to spread holiday cheer on your Instagram feed. Don’t forget to revisit the other caption collections linked above for more festive ideas. Happy holidays and happy Instagramming!