Facebook Captions for Profile Pictures and Posts

facebook captions for profile pictures and posts

Are you looking for the best Facebook captions for profile pictures (DP) and posts? Well, you have found your best option. Here is a collection of FB captions to show off your style.

Posting pictures on social media is great. But, a picture without the right words may not get you as many likes. As a matter of fact, if you have good captions on your profile pictures, you will get more likes even if the picture is not great. That is the power of words. 

So, without wasting time, take a close look at this list of the best photo captions for Facebook and choose the perfect one to paste below your post.

Captions for Profile Picture

Your profile display picture is what your friends see first when they visit your profile. Having an attractive DP can make you more appealing. However, you have to make sure to use unique and creative DP captions when posting your profile picture. The list below has some of the best captions for Facebook profile pictures. All you have to do is copy them and paste them on FB.

  • Feeling grateful for this special moment 🙏
  • Embracing the beauty and joy of life 🌼
  • Making memories and cherishing the present 💕
  • Feeling alive and inspired by the world around me 🌺
  • Finding adventure and beauty in the journey 🌈
  • Embracing the moments that matter most 💕
  • Feeling alive and invigorated by the people and experiences in my life 💪
  • Finding joy and purpose in the journey 🌈
  • Embracing the journey and all that it brings 🌼
  • Feeling humbled and grateful for the blessings in my life 🙏
  • It’s better to be an initial noted version of yourself, rather than a second noted version of someone else. 
  • With this mocking smile, I can overcome anything. 
  • I know how lucky I am to be this good looking. 
  • Look, I know that I’m lucky I’m cute. 
  • The only thing we have is the MOMENT. 
  • All our dreams can become reality if we are brave enough to prosecute them.
  •  Peace comes from a smile. 
  • Living is just easy with no filters.
  • There is no cure for love apart from loving more.
  • Did I make you smile?
  • Oh, stop staring. I’m blushing. 😊
  • Wait! Don’t you dare skip hitting the like button!
  • I’m the reason I smile everyday.
  • Say YES to new adventures.
  • When I die my gravestone is going to have a ‘Like’ button.
  • Face it. You are not the best. I am.
  • Please don’t make me cry. Hit that like button!
  • No make-up. Only blush! 😊
  • My autobiography is this.
  • A dp without likes is unfair. You know what to do.
  • When life gets blurry, adjust your focus.
  • Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer.
  • I’m built from every mistake I have ever made.
  • It’s a lovely life!
  • My new profile picture after so long. 😍
  • Be what you are. You were not born to impress anyone! 
  • I was born to be awesome!
  • Yes, I’m crazy. Normal is boring for me.
  • Silence is the best response to a fool.
  • Life is a journey and only you hold the key.
  • Love is the beauty of the soul.
  • You have to be ODD, to be number ONE.
  • Be silent and let your success shout.

Caption for Facebook

Get the best captions for Facebook and make your friends and followers go wow. This collection has the most creative words to be used as captions for any picture on Facebook. Take a look and pick the ones that fit you the best.

  • There should be a “Nobody Cares” button on Facebook. 
  • So, you sent me a Facebook friend request with a picture of a car profile, I assume you’re a transformer. 
  • I used to have a life before, but then I was told to create a Facebook account. 
  • I have a small circle because I care about quality, not quantity. 
  • You have to understand that Facebook is a social network, not a diary.
  • Facebook is the only place in the world where talking to a wall is okay. 

Facebook Captions for Selfies

Looking for cute and funny selfie captions for Facebook? Here is a collection of captions and quotes for selfies on Facebook. With these FB selfie captions, you can get more likes and make your picture one of the most liked ones in your friend circle. 

  • Sometimes you don’t need a caption, the picture says it all.
  • I may not be perfect, but I’m definitely limited edition.
  • Being calm and taking the best selfies. 😎🤳
  • You don’t have to like me. I don’t wake up everyday to impress you.
  • Be nice to me and I’ll be your best friend. Mess with me and I’ll be your worst nightmare. 
  • If you can’t find a way, make one.
  • I love my haters. They are the best motivators. ✌️
  • Being nice has always been my strength until I met you.
  • Couldn’t think of a better pose. 😀
  • Find yourself and be that.
  • Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters.
  • Keep smiling every day. One day life will get tired of upsetting you.
  • Loving my life and moving on.
  • You don’t like me? I don’t wake every day just to impress you!

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Facebook Captions for Girls

Get the best girly quotes and perfectly crafted words as your caption for the next FB post. This list has some of the most adorable, cute, funny, sassy and classy FB captions for girls you will ever find. Take a look.

  • I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me.
  • I’m the queen of my own little world.
  • Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.
  • No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.
  • There’s always a crazy side to a normal face.
  • My jawline is stronger than your opinion.
  • Live the life you’ve imagined!
  • I’m a butterfly. Pretty to see, hard to catch.
  • Elegance is beauty that never fades.
  • Just a girl boss, building her empire.
  • Be a princess. You deserve it.
  • No pouts, only smiles!
  • Better to be strong than pretty and useless. 💪
  • I don’t take selfies all the time. Just every day!
  • Whatever boys can do, girls can do better.
  • If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.
  • A real girl isn’t perfect and a perfect girl isn’t real.
  • Wearing that simple you gave me. 😊
  • Love yourself, be yourself!
  • I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough. 💪 ✌️
  • It only takes one bad boyfriend to realize that you deserve so much more.
  • Make your own destiny. Be your own queen.

Facebook Captions for Boys

We know you have been looking for the most unique and stylish Facebook captions for boys. Did you find them? Of course, you did. This list is the only one you will need to get more likes on every picture you post on FB. Don’t trust us? Just copy-paste one of these FB captions for boys and see the magic happen.

  • If you kiss my neck, I’m not responsible for what happens next.
  • Life is either a great adventure or nothing.
  • Don’t be afraid just be yourself. 
  • It’s not me against the world. It’s just me against me.
  • Looking at the world right in the eye.
  • Don’t be afraid to fall. Be afraid not to try.
  • Making mistakes is better than faking perfection.
  • Swag is for boys. Class is for men.
  • Keeping it simple yet classy.
  • Dude with an attitude.
  • Be swaggy, yet be humble.
  • Simplicity is sexy. 💪
  • Be different. Be irreplaceable.
  • I don’t see myself as handsome. I just know how to charm you into liking me.
  • I don’t like myself without a beard. Do you?

Facebook Captions for Friends

Got the perfect pictures with friends and want to share on Facebook? Facebook captions for friends can make your picture all the more captivating and interesting. Here is a collection of captions for all your pictures with friends and loved ones.

  • You can’t do epic shit with normal people.
  • Love this feeling of being the one to capture the moment. ✌️
  • They can be a******s at times, but life isn’t worth it without them.
  • With them ❤️
  • Simpy happy to be around you guys!! 😃🤗
  • Making the most of this friendship.
  • I may not always be there with you, but I will always be there for you.
  • When you find a person who can match your craziness level, life becomes fun.
  • Friends are the siblings God never gave us. 🤗
  • Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.
  • I love my crazy best friends. ❤️
  • Remember to lean on your support system and check on your strong friends.
  • Be with those who bring out the best in you.

Facebook Captions for Boyfriend

Want to tag your boyfriend in your Facebook photo? Here are the nicest captions you can use with it. These will not just bring a smile to his lips, it will make him feel lucky to have you in his life. So, here comes the best Facebook captions for your bf.

  • That smile you see. Yes, that one. It’s just for you.
  • I’m happiest when I’m right next to you.
  • When I’m not with you, I’m not complete.
  • You’re the apple of my pie. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Here’s what you were asking for. Mmmmuuuaa…
  • In case you ever foolishly forget, I am not thinking about you.
  • Can you just stop staring? I feel shy. 😊
  • I love him a latte.
  • Can’t believe you are mine!
  • My interest includes putting blankets on sleeping animals just in case they’re cold.
  • The tans might fade, but our summer memories will last forever.
  • Being with you is like a dream I never wanna wake up from.
  • Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.
  • I so wish to hold you tight. 🤗❤️
  • I like your last name. Can I have it?
  • If you’re lucky enough to find a weirdo, never let him go.
  • I love my crazy, goofy, sometimes stupid boyfriend
  • What I have with you I don’t want with anyone else.
  • I know I’m a handful, but that’s why you got two hands.
  • Kissing burns 6.4 calories per minute. Wanna make out?
  • Your the type of boy I’d make a sandwich for.
  • Yeah, I know he’s cute. but he’s mine. touch him and I’ll kill you.
  • I love my crazy goofy sometimes stupid but so amazing boyfriend. 😍
  • The leaves might fall, but you’ll be in my heart forever.

Facebook Captions for Girlfriend

Want to make your girl feel special? Here is a collection of the perfect words you will need to bring a smile on your lady love’s face. So, go on and get the best Facebook captions for your girlfriend.

  • You know I’m never giving up on you… never ever…
  • In case you ever foolishly forget, I am not thinking about you.
  • I fell in love with you. Not for how you look, just for who you are. Although you look pretty great too. ❤️😍
  • A brighter start to the morning.
  • Yeah, I know he’s cute. but he’s mine. touch him and I’ll kill you.
  • The tans might fade, but our summer memories will last forever.
  • The leaves might fall, but you’ll be in my heart forever.
  • You came into my life and became it. 🤗
  • Your love is not one of the things I need to survive – it is the ONLY thing I need to survive.
  • When I’m with you, hours feel like seconds. When we’re apart, days feel like years.
  • The man I crush on every Monday (and every other day of the week)
  • I am going to stop calling you my girlfriend because you are not a girl, you are an angel.
  • Not to brag, but I think we’re really cute together. 😍
  • Are you a dictionary?? Because you give meaning to my life..!!
  • Your the type of boy I’d make a sandwich for. ❤️
  • I love my crazy goofy sometimes stupid but so amazing boyfriend.
  • My six-word love story: I can’t imagine life without you.
  • You’re my favorite place to go when my mind searches for peace.

Caption for cover photo

Take a look at these captions for Facebook cover photos and choose the best one.  

  • I feel very good being myself and I’m all right with who I am. 
  • If you judge me, Make sure you get it right. 
  • Carry on smiling because life is wonderful and there are so many things to smile about. 

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