Ocean Captions And Quotes For Instagram

Ocean captions and quotes for Instagram

Make your next Instagram post a splash with one of these ocean captions and quotes for Instagram.

Anyone who’s lived near the ocean knows its power, beauty, and effect on the soul. The ocean has been home to humans since before we were even humans, and there’s something about the water that feels like home to us. That feeling is what you want to capture when you’re posting images of yourself at the beach or enjoying time by the ocean.

Whether you’re looking for moving quotes about the ocean or just want some ocean captions for Instagram, this list has something for everyone.

Short Ocean Captions

There’s nothing like a beautiful ocean sunset, and if you’ve had the pleasure of watching the sun sink into the waves, you know it’s one of those moments that feels more real when you share it with a friend. These ocean short captions for Instagram will help you capture how you feel about the sea and make your Instagram post engaging.

  • The ocean is calling and I must go 🌊
  • Finding peace and tranquility in the vastness of the ocean
  • The ocean is my happy place 💙
  • Life’s a beach, and I’m just living in it 🏖️
  • Feeling small and insignificant in the vastness of the ocean, but also feeling so alive
  • The ocean is a reminder of the endless possibilities and adventures that life has to offer
  • The sound of the waves crashing is music to my ears
  • Soaking up the sun and the sea
  • The ocean has a way of washing away all of life’s stress and worries
  • The ocean is my happy place, where the sand is my seat and the waves are my music
  • The ocean breeze puts my mind at ease
  • Palm trees and ocean breeze
  • Shell yeah!
  • Meet me where the sky touches the sea
  • Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea
  • You and me, as far as the eye can sea
  • Ocean air. Salty hair
  • Be shore of yourself
  • Make waves
  • Let’s go somewhere the sun kisses the ocean
  • Ocean air, salty hair
  • Sea the possibilities
  • I love you to the shore line and back
  • Ocean vibes
  • Ocean lover
  • You’re the only fish in the sea for me
  • Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea

Oceans Captions and Quotes for Instagram

  • An ocean is the best source of relaxation!
  • Take me to the sea
  • Eat. sleep. Ocean. Repeat
  • Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun-kissed hair
  • Love deeper than the ocean
  • Sea never looked so good 🌊
  • Dive in and get lost in the beauty of the ocean
  • High tides & good vibes
  • As endless as the ocean
  • We’re bringing back the waves 🌊🌊
  • Dreamy days on the beach
  • Our love is as deep as the ocean
  • The ocean is my happy place
  • Sun & Sea
  • Let the sea set you free
  • Wild and free just like the sea
  • Waves, waves, and more waves
  • Catch a wave
  • The ocean is uncontrollable
  • Salty like the ocean
  • As free as the ocean
  • Saltwater heals everything
  • Stay wild ocean child
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Funny Ocean Captions

What’s more beautiful than the ocean? We don’t know, but we’re pretty sure it must be something that doesn’t exist.

So if you’re lucky enough to be headed out to sea—or even if you’re just getting your ocean fix from a saltwater aquarium—we’ve got some great funny captions for you.

  • From the mountains to the ocean, adventure awaits.
  • Life is better by the ocean
  • Focus your mind on the journey, not the destination. Make today worth remembering.
  • Catch me in seaside this summer
  • Waves of emotion 🌊
  • Floating along the current
  • If you can’t beat the ocean, join it
  • Ocean is a place of calmness, solace and peace. I love to dive into its depths.
  • The ocean’s energy is magical
  • Oooh the ocean
  • There’s no place like the beach
  • It’s a rainy day in the city, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the view of this ocean of umbrellas! The best part is taking a break in the #Rainbow Bakery.
  • The beach is always in season
  • The ocean called, I answered
  • A weekend of sea, sand, and sunscreen
  • A trip to the ocean is a great reminder that even when things are bumpy, we can still find beauty in life.
  • Resting my feet by the sea
  • Hello from the far side 🌊 . . . . . .
  • Some of the best views in the world are by the sea. Catch some sunsets and sunrises.
  • Looking forward to the weekend 🌊😊
  • Follow these tips to make sure you have the best vacation ever!
  • Overwhelmed by the vastness of it all
  • It’s all about the ocean of possibilities, the ocean of opportunities and how the ocean of comfort can support us through ups and downs.
  • The best things in life are free
  • The ocean holds wonders never seen
  • The sweetest shade of blue
  • Life is made for the ocean
  • Sending you good ocean vibes
  • Life is better by the Ocean.
  • A nice ocean view for the weekend 😎🌊
  • Where the sea meets the sky
  • For the days when only a trip to the beach will do.
  • I can’t stop looking at that ocean
  • Catch a wave, catch a tan, and make friends with locals on the ocean side.
  • Took this cool picture at the beach and just had to share it. The water here is so clear. 🏖
  • I’m beyond obsessed with the beach

Ocean Waves Captions

Ocean-lovers, We’ve got the perfect captions and quotes to go alongside your next ocean Instagram post. Whether you’re looking for a waves caption that’s salty or sweet, we’ve got you covered.

  • Home is where the ocean meets the shore
  • If I could live here
  • Make waves
  • Take me to the sea
  • All good things come in waves
  • The ocean’s roar is music to the soul
  • The salt and the sea is all I need
  • Avoid pier pressure
  • Breath in the waves
  • Dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean
  • The ocean is my happy place
  • You, the ocean, and me
  • Sea life’s beauty
  • Our love is as deep as the ocean
  • Life is simple. Just add water.
  • Let your dreams set sail
  • Waves are soothing
  • I dream of the ocean
  • As endless as the ocean
  • Go with the flow
  • Sun & Sea
  • Salt water is good or the soul

Ocean Sunset Captions

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for some inspiration to add a dash of ocean magic to your Instagram feed. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some of our favorite, most stunning ocean photos and paired them with sunsets captions that will make your friends and followers swoon.

  • A sunset should never go unnoticed.
  • A promise of a new tomorrow.
  • Clear your mind, watch the sky.
  • I climb mountains so I can see where the sun sleeps.
  • You can’t force the ocean to do anything and still have it be the ocean
  • The sky is aglow with the setting sun.
  • May I never miss a sunset because I am looking down.
  • Nothing sounds better than water sounds
  • If a sea could dream, it’d be about me
  • Loving the ocean
  • My favorite color is sunset.
  • Basking in a rare 24-hour day, the Gulf Stream and warmer waters of the Atlantic will help keep this part of the state from freezing over
  • Explore family. Explore adventure. Explore ocean.
  • Paint the sky. Make it yours.
  • The only way to understand the ocean is to surrender yourself to its whims and take it as it comes, which is both liberating and terrifying
  • My favorite vacation spot!
  • Sunsets are proof that endings are beautiful.
  • Never go too long without watching a sunset.
  • Sunsets always bring a fresh start.
  • If you can look at the sunset and smile, then you still have hope.
  • Big 🌊 and we’re feeling small
  • Many things in life can wait, but the sunsets won’t, watch it.
  • Summer nights only get better when you close your eyes, smell the salt air and listen to the waves crash
  • There’s still beauty in the world!
  • It’s not where you go, it’s how you explore
  • Waves are soothing
  • Paint the sky, make it yours.
  • This is my happy place.
  • Even the most beautiful days eventually have their sunsets.
  • Every time I see a sunset my heart skips a beat.
  • I hope all of your days have ocean in them
  • Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.
  • Life is all about enjoying every sunset.
  • No matter where you live, there’s a wave nearby
  • Daydreaming of a beachy escape: sunrises, running on the sand, and sunset dinners
  • Forever chasing sunsets.